Covers of the Week – 4/11/12

Wow. What a great week for comics covers!

I cannot possibly pick just one, there is such an embarrassment of riches…here we go!

First up this absolutely stunningly beautiful Conan The Barbarian #3 by Massimo Carnevale:

So glad to see this Amy Reeder Batwoman cover actually did get used, I talked about it a couple weeks ago on She Has No Head! and opined that it might not show, but happy to have it in my hands, absolutely gorgeous:

A wonderfully fitting and gorgeously illustrated cover for Brian Wood’s final Northlanders issue, again by Massimo Carnevale:

Wonderful weird-ness from Ross Campbell’s newest issue of Glory:

A simple but powerful cover from Fiona Staples for Saga #2:

Gorgeous and super fun alternate cover for Winter Soldier #4 by John Tyler Christopher:

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  1. Nick Marino’s avatar

    Saga #2 has a gorgeous cover, especially with that rich green…

    But Ross @#$%ing killed it on Glory #25. Especially because it’s a subtle wraparound cover, with that amazing pink landscape carrying onto the back. It’s brilliant and really tasteful.

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