Down The Rabbit Hole: Following Comic Book Creators

I’ve got a new piece up on Lit Reactor about the importance and advantages of following creators, not publishers or characters, especially when it comes to comic books. Check it out!



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    Very nice piece. I’ve read/been reading all the comics in that list except for Conan and Ultimate Spidey, and I agree with you every step of the way.

    Your view of Glory actually reminded me of a similar redesign by Alan Moore of Supreme. Supreme was basically Liefeld’s concept for “What if Superman were a jackass”, more or less. After he handed Supreme to Alan Moore, he completely changed the series into a clever and intelligent exploration of comic books as a whole. I recommend you read it (start with issue 41).

    Wolverine and Jubilee was geniunely entertaining. I’m glad modern writers can make something interesting out of characters that were never designed to survive in any tiem period other than the one in which they were made.

    Ellis’s run on SA was excellent, in nearly every aspect. He was able to make single-issue stories more interesting than stories most other writers might take half a dozen issues to tell. The same goes for an earlier series of his, Global Frequency.

    Gods and Monsters is one of my favorite series of all time. Seeing eight super-powered, screwed up teens irreversibly alter an entire planet in a few days’ time is a concept I’m sure most other writers coudl never deliver as well as Wood does. The art’s amazing too, interior and exterior. The covers are what drew me in in the first place. It’s really a shame there’ll never be any follow-up, since DC absorbed Wildstorm completely. Assholes.

    I always love these anthology comics, Wednesday Comics being one of my favorites. Why aren’t more of these made? I’d much rather see a collection of stellar one-shots than these bloated, mediocre !E!V!E!N!T!S!

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    Good advice, though following characters also introduces me to new writers.

    So a bit of both doesn’t hurt.

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