What Does Your Workspace Look Like?

Lit Reactor has a very cool post up about writing environments/work space. Since I find this a rather fascinating subject, I thought I’d share mine.

Keep in mind I live in NYC, so space is highly limited. That said, Adam and I have both tried to carve out serious (and organized) space for ourselves as we spend a lot of time working at home…me especially.

So here’s a peek (or two) at mine and yes, Adam’s and my workspaces face each other. It’s not to be cute, but for space saving. Fortunately our monitors are so big we can’t really see each other unless we try…it makes everything much less precious. Post links to your workspace on Lit Reactor!



  1. mooncalfe’s avatar

    looks pretty cool! what is that glass/plastic thing to the left of your computer? it looks like a cupcake/muffin display dome from a bakery or something…

  2. 1979semifinalist’s avatar


    It’s my speaker system for my computer. I WISH it had cupcakes in it.

  3. Adam’s avatar

    Badass workspace, made more by its proximity to mine!

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