The Girl Who Would Be King Kickstarter is LIVE…!

Final Cover Design for The Girl Who Would Be King. Illustration by Stephanie Hans

Here’s a link to the Kickstarter – enjoy!

Also, please check out the website for the book as it has tons of information and cool extras – including hidden pages (hint – look for them on the Bonnie vs Lola illustration page)!

Oh, and the wonderful Michael May over at Robot 6 wrote a piece on the Kickstarter – thanks Michael!


  1. ahamin’s avatar

    Amazing cover, Well done :)

  2. Yuri Petrovitch’s avatar

    Already pledged some–the story’s too awesome not to.

    It’s so great to see that it’s really taking off, too. Congratulations on a great first day–I really hope this happens for you!

  3. Cassie’s avatar

    That cover is freakin’ awesome – beautiful. Good luck with your kickstarter campaign.

  4. 5MinuteMarvels’s avatar

    Kelly – This is going to be a huge hit. So proud of you!

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