I should stress, that except for yesterday’s Buffy (and of course launching this series of posts with Bonnie and Lola) these ladies are not in any particular order. I made a list of characters I love and then went hunting for some of the best art I could find (sometimes it was easier than others…sometimes I ended up with WAY too much cool shit). You know who has more fan art (and pro art!) out there than EVER?


Here we go!

Black Widow by Applepie-Monster

By Applepie-Monster via Applepie Monster Tumblr.

By Meredith McClaren

I don’t know if you guys are familiar with Meredith McClaren’s “itties” but they are just about the greatest damn things ever. I have a whole bunch. And she did a series of Bonnie and Lola for the Kickstarter, which is extra awesome. You can find McClaren at Iniquitous Fish.

Black Widow by Stephanie Hans

Love this Black Widow by Stephanie Hans – how she mostly blends into the background, that great hair, the bullet in her mouth – even the skull on her zipper. SO GOOD. But you all know I’m an uber fan. Via grainedpluie.com

Black Widow by Amanda Conner

Love the way she handles Natasha’s costume. via

By bombattack

Love this deconstructed Natasha – so cool. via Deviant Art

By Chris Samnee

Fantastic. By Chris Samnee via Deviant Art

By karioks

Adorable! via Deviant Art

by KidKalig/Khary Randolph

Love the way the hair is handled. via Deviant Art

By LettieBoBettie

In a word? HOTT. via LettieBoBettie Tumblr

By LettieBoBettie

Falling in LOVE with this artist. Gorgeous and utterly cool. via LettieBoBettie Tumblr

By LettieBoBettie

A nice reverse from the usual black. via Robot 6

By Travel Foreman

By Travel Foreman for Marvel Comics.

By Manji675

By Manji675 via Deviant Art

By Noelle Stevenson/Gingerhaze

Adorably hilarious. via gingerhaze

By Portlynn Tagavi

Awesome. via portlynntagavi

By LettieBoBettie

And just cause we need that AWWW moment. Adorable. again via LettieBoBettie Tumblr

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