30 Days of Superheriones – Day 22!

In honor of Bonnie and Lola and THE GIRL WHO WOULD BE KING we continue our 30 Days of Superheroines!

And for our 22nd day, I bring you 22 images of the generally delicious Emma Frost! Prepare your eyes for a whole lotta flesh…

By Bruce Timm

Via Comic-Images

By Frank Quitely

By Quitely for Marvel Comics

By Ross Campbell

Via DeviantArt

By Sara Pichelli

Via Tights & Capes

By Assesina

Via DeviantArt

By Lostonezero

Via DeviantArt

By Bruce Timm

Via NowThatIThinkOfIt Tumblr

By Bruce Timm

Via AwYeahComics

By Colin Alexander

Via Colin Alexander

By Colin Alexander

Via Project Rooftop

By Phil Noto

Via Phil Noto Tumblr

By Michael Lopez

Via DeviantArt

By Chris Evenhuis

Via DeviantArt

By Terry Dodson

Via DeviantArt

By Dustin Nguyen

Via DeviantArt/Nguyen

By Stephanie Hans

Via Stephanie Hans

By Hanie Mohd

For Marvel/Sketch Card Saloon

By Stephanie Hans

Via Stephanie Hans

By Katie Cook

Via Sketch Card Saloon

By Kiick318

Via DeviantArt

By Chrissie Zullo

Via DeviantArt

By 89g

Via DeviantArt

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  1. David’s avatar

    Gross. I despise Emma Frost.

    Despite whatever other merits the character may have, I can’t get beyond the whole “she uses her sexiness as a weapon” thing that artists use to justify all the sexualized depictions and gratuitous T&A: “It’s okay, because she is SUPPOSED to be sexy.”

    Some of the images in this collection aren’t offensive, but Quitely’s lovingly detailed depiction of her labia is particularly skeevy. .

  2. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    To each their own. I adore her.

    I agree that initially she was a thinly veiled excuse to have another superheroine parading around in as little as possible, but over time she’s developed into a great character and the fact that she likes plastic surgery and wants to parade it around in fetish gear has just become one aspect of her personality/character/look.

    The only problem with Emma Frost as far as I’m concerned is that too many other characters ALSO dress like her despite it having nothing to do with character.

  3. Mercedes Santaella-Lam’s avatar

    I have to confess, I actually liked Emma much more when she was a villain (the White Queen of the Hellfire Club). 80s Emma is my favorite version (loved her corset outfit from back then), and she was just SUCH a manipulative and deliciously evil character that it was fun to watch. :) She’s especially great in the four-part “Firestar” series, in which she kills the title character’s favorite horse, makes the poor girl think it’s her fault, then tells her that she will need to rely on her (Emma) to control her powers, since it’s clear she’s too dangerous to do so on her own. She is a magnificent bitch throughout. :)

  4. In My Not So Humble Opinion: the Writings and Ramblings of Ben Herman’s avatar

    Emma Frost can be an interesting and fun character, although it often depends upon who is writing her. Jay Faerber in Generation X did a really good job with her. I also really enjoyed the story in X-Men: Manifest Destiny #2 written by Christopher Yost. I think Emma works best as something of a complex anti-hero. I would not want to see her be too nice or sweet, but she definitely should not ever go back to being an out-and-out villain.

    By the way, if you would like to see a nice depiction of Emma, artist Steve Mannion drew a lovely sketch of her for me a couple of years ago…


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