30 Days of Superheroines – Day 27!

In honor of Bonnie and Lola and THE GIRL WHO WOULD BE KING we continue our 30 Days of Superheroines!

More Bat-tastic ladies…Poison Ivy folks!

By Bruce Timm

Love me some Bruce Timm Poison Ivy!

By Jesus Saiz

Jesus Saiz for Birds of Prey, DC Comics

By Mindy Lee

And Harley! Via Aw Yeah Comics

By Renton 1313

Via DeviantArt

By Mike Maihack

Via Cowshell

By Justin Coffee

Via DeviantArt

By James P. Brouwer

Via 7 Shades Of Awesome

By Spicy Stewed Demon

Via DeviantArt

By Ewa/Vixen-of-Vines

Via DeviantArt

By Marcio Takara

Via DeviantArt

By Sara Richard

Via DeviantArt

By Valentina Pinto

Via DeviantArt

By Zoe Moss

Via DeviantArt

Via vi.sualize

And this…because well…AWESOME:

By Sara Pichelli

Via Nixsight


By Miss Coffee

Via DeviantArt

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    Number 1 is my fave.

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