A Little Olympics Meets Rabid Lamb Re-Hash…

Some of you may not even know I did a daily (M-F) comic strip for a year. Ugh. A year. Yup. It was called Rabid Lamb and most of the time it sucked.  But occasionally it was funny.

I always liked some of my Olympic ones (that’s right…these were done FOUR YEARS AGO – during Bejing!)

Here’s one of my favorites for your amusement:

If you must have more, you can head to my website, where there’s a whole “Rabid Lamb” section…it’s just the hits, but I promise you that’s a good thing. :)



  1. Yuri Petrovitch’s avatar

    Panel 3 is glorious in its adorable-ness. :)

  2. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    Thanks! :)

    I REALLY despise drawing myself…which made “journal comics” pretty much a terrible idea. But I gutted it out for a year (never again!)

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