The Girl Who Would Be King – Contest Day Three!

Thanks for all the entries everyone! Keep in mind that your entry will NOT show up in the comments – only I can see it – but be assured that I got it!

You can read the details and fine print of the contest here.

Here’s what you’re competing to win:

1 signed limited edition hardback edition of The Girl Who Would Be King, including at least 9 full color Stephanie Hans illustrations, 2 Ross Campbell “heads” magnets (1 Bonnie, 1 Lola), 2 Meredith McClaren “itties” magnets (1 Bonnie, 1 Lola), 6 over-sized post cards, 6 bookmarks, and eight stickers.

One of 5 packages worth nearly $70.00 and which will be given away in a drawing at the end of the week.

Here’s how you enter the drawing:

Write ABCDX at the top of your comment/ballot, then:

1 point for just entering your name, age (you must be 15 or older to enter), and email address.

2 points for a link showing me how you’ve promoted TGWWBK in some way – this can be a tweet, a blog post, a tumblr, whatever.

2 points for referring someone to the contest and getting them to enter (they must confirm you sent them in their own entry)

5 points for answering a question correctly from Part I of THE GIRL WHO WOULD BE KING. If you don’t have it yet, you can buy it on Amazon (for Kindle) or on Lulu (Nook and iPad).

You must include the code ABCDX on your comment entry, so that only I can see your entry form!

Today’s question from the book is:  What’s the first thing Lola steals in Las Vegas?

And we’re off!!!

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  1. Emmanuel’s avatar

    As far as our entries are concerned, can we go back and make entry comments on previous posts, or is it just from the current day forward? I ask because I didn’t know about the contest until earlier today.

  2. gayvin’s avatar

    Awesome artwork. I noticed that you had a lot of talented artists in your kickstarter campaign. Great artwork absolutely takes the written word and takes it to another level.

  3. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    @Emmanuel: You should only enter for the current day’s contest. So today’s contest is “day 3” and you can still enter for “day 4” and “day 5” – if you remember! :)

    @Gayvin: Yes, I was very lucky to have so many talented artists helping me out – although I did commission (and pay) Stephanie for most of her work – the cover and the additional illustrations – she donated an original work though to the kickstarter – and all those other artists – Ross Campbell, Meredith McClaren, Fiona Staples, Rebekah Isaacs, Emily Caroll, Cassandra James (and writer Karen Mahoney) all donated their talent – it was pretty amazing.

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