The Triumphant Return of 1979 Semi-Finalist?

So, apologies are in order for how dark the blog has been.  There has been a ton going on for me, both good and bad, though in general I have to say that December was a hell of a good month – as I got all the Kickstarter packages out (a herculean task), picked up a wonderful new agent, got back great notes for my new book (unrelated to TGWWBK), have had strong sales for TGWWBK both via Amazon (etc.) and on my own store, have gotten AMAZING feedback on TGWWBK (and what comes next – hint hint!), and have not completely run out of money to live!


Still, I’ve been painfully neglecting the blog, at a time when I SHOULD be doing just the opposite. SO, with that said, expect more posts. I’m going to get back to cross posting my work here so that those of you who subscribe to the feed but aren’t on twitter can follow me more easily throughout the web and I’m doing my best to generate new 1979 content as well. To start us off I’m planning on getting completely hammered tonight and doing a double dose of Marvel and DC Drunk Cover solicits, which I’ll roll out over the next few two days. So, thanks for hanging in there, and hopefully you will be rewarded with lots of fun posts and maybe some other interesting tidbits in the coming weeks and months! :)



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