More TGWWBK Fan Art! Lola LeFever

Got another great piece for the THE GIRL WHO WOULD BE KING Fan Art page, this one from The Literary Bandit of Lola LeFever, and it comes with this lovely comment about Lola:

“I have a soft spot for a well done super villain. Lola, here, is the best I’ve come across in years.”

That makes me grin like you have no idea. I too believe a “hero” is only as good as their “villain” and though I try not to put Lola in the “villain” box, it’s obvious that she checks a lot of those boxes (sometimes with glee) and I take great pride in the fact that Lola is at least –some would argue more— developed in TGWWBK as Bonnie is.

Many –in fact MOST– people that read TGWWBK love Lola. Well, people who aren’t called MY MOTHER. 😉

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Lola LeFever by The Literary Bandit


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