Novel Madness – Day 02

Here’s what this is about.

Today was another disappointing day from a word count standpoint, but I made awesome headway on fleshing out my outline and I’m pleased with a lot of the ideas that came from it.

Today’s word count: 521

Total word count: 1,429

My favorite thing in today’s writing: Well, it was a structural breakthrough, which is not so fun to list here, but I will say something that helped that structural breakthrough was the song “Buried In Water” by Dead Man’s Bones. Which, if you haven’t heard it, is AWESOME.

Inspirational image for today:



  1. JH Statts’s avatar

    Ooh, Dead Man’s Bones. This is a very cool idea, btw. Glad you’re doing it.

  2. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    Thanks! I know it’s not an idea that will interest everyone, but I hope those that do find it an interesting experiment will follow along and those that don’t will just ignore it. :)

  3. Keith Bowden’s avatar

    Keep in mind that developments like your structural breakthrough are important; it’s not just the word count. Sounds like it was still a good day!

  4. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    @Keith: Totally. I was super excied about the structural stuff – and it broke down walls for a lot of other stuff I was worried/concerned about, but not exactly easy to describe/understand in a blog post. :)

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