Novel Madness – Day 03!

Here’s what this is about!

A lot on my plate again today finishing a Lit Reactor column, recording 3 Chicks with Sue, editing and prepping 3 Chicks, reading the script for a friend’s graphic novel so I can give him notes (woo!), plus one of the only nights of TV I find myself interested in – Girls! The Good Wife! The Walking Dead (the missing exclamation mark is not a mistake there…the show is better but still fucking hit and miss). So yeah, again, not enough words put down on “paper” but I’m still really pleased with the momentum. The ideas are good, the outline is feeling really smart, and what’s coming out feels strong. Onward!

Today’s word count: 482

Total word count: 1,911

Favorite thing from today: Soren (she rocked it)

Inspirational image for today’s writing:

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