The Girl Who Would Be King Awesomeness…

The lovely Tim Hanley recently gave THE GIRL WHO WOULD BE KING a fantastic review over on his blog Straightened Circumstances saying “The story never goes where you think it’s going to; it’s always darker and more exciting than you’d expect.”

And over on A.A. Omer’s blog TGWWBK gets a nice review and a 5/5 star rating!

We’re also up to 45 reviews on Amazon (US) and have 5 stars! Pretty awesome, kids.

In other badass TGWWBK news – a TGWWBK superfan has purchased every single thing related to the book that currently exists – all prints and editions, everything!

He recently got everything in the mail and was kind enough to send in some pictures – it’s a pretty incredible collection!

All the signed prints!

And he also included a photo of ALL the swag. So much stuff!

And of course you guys know you can buy almost all of this at THE GIRL WHO WOULD BE KING STORE, right?  AND there’s a sale going on now! :)


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