Novel Madness, er…April Update.

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This is what this is about.

Apparently, except for that one book I wrote in 2011 (and ended up loving) I am not destined to do these “novel in a month” things. Because when I do, my life fucking explodes – sometimes for good, sometimes for ill.

This time it was a little bit of both. There were some personal life things going on that made writing a lot of words a day difficult, but more importantly, as many of you already know, THE GIRL WHO WOULD BE KING got an awesome rave review from io9 and as a result sales went through the roof (and we hit the #1 Bestseller spot on Amazon).

So a lot of things have been HAPPENING. Many of which I can’t yet talk about, but it’s all pretty damn awesome. That said, THE GOD KILLER got a bit shifted to the side. But don’t despair! It will get done, I promise. It is still #1/#2 priority on the list of “things to do.”

Thanks for your patience and interest, everyone, and stay tuned for more news!



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  1. Keith Bowden’s avatar

    I knew something was up as the updates quickly stopped. But I didn’t want to ask. HOWSOMEVER, congratulations on all the success, and I hope that the personal things get better.

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