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So, I don’t really talk about it much here (in part because I have been painfully MIA from the blog – sorry!) but I am just fanatical in my love for GAME OF THRONES (and no, I have not yet read the books. Yes, I probably will, but likely not until the television series ends, don’t hassle me!)

Anyway, so I came across this awesome Game of Thrones tumblr post thanks to a friend, and got a good laugh. A little odd/sad that his dad doesn’t seem to know ANY of the female character names (save Gilly and Sansa – weird!) but still, it was fun and funny.

My answers to one of the sheets

More importantly, it left me wondering how I’d do. Even a fanatic for the show can have trouble with the names. Considering the large cast, the fact that some of the names are very complicated with uncommon (for my American brain) spellings, and since I’ve never read the books (seeing things in print, and seeing how they’re spelled, really helps my ability to recall) I didn’t figure I’d do great, but I wanted to try anyway.

I took some time to rework the original images (hope Mr. Gabe of Thrones doesn’t mind I used his sheets as a basis?) and I added five characters to that the last card (which previously had only 4 characters now has 9 like the rest). And then I tried my best. Spelling errors be damned!  I mostly took it seriously, but couldn’t resist a few jokes (although already forming in my mind an all-joke version – made from love!).

I’ll also put the blank one up here in case you also want to try it yourself at home. And those of you who already read the book – I expect you to get like 98% – and really accurate spelling!

Click through to see all of my badly spelled answers as well as the blank version to download. Enjoy! Oh, and POTENTIAL SPOILERS!

Blank Version:

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