Cover Of The Week – 6/26/13

Two weeks in a row! Imagine that!

Rules: one cover from the “mainstream” (i.e. DC/Marvel) and one cover from the “indies” (i.e. anything NOT DC/Marvel).

From the Mainstream:

This should have been an easy pick this week, but with excellent covers by Frasier Irving (Uncanny X-Men #7), Kris Anka (Uncanny X-Froce #7) David Aja (Hawkeye #11) and Marvel made it tough on Olivier Coipel, still, his “X-Men” #2 takes it, for a bunch of gorgeous reasons, observe!


From the Indies, Michael Lark’s cover for “Lazarus” #1:


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    Oh, Kelly Kelly Kelly – your blind love of Rucka has messed with your objectivity. Whatever shall we do with you? Sex #4, with tons of keen negative space, is better than Lazarus #1. Mind Mgmt #12 is better, too. Heck, Elephantmen #49 is better! Lazarus is a very good comic, but that’s kind of a generic cover – sure, she has a bullet hole in her head, but it’s still kind of bland. So sad!

    Young Avengers #6 is a better cover than X-Men #2, too. So is Deadpool #12. Jubilee is awesome on that X-Men cover, but the ladies in the background are kind of dull.

    Pistols at dawn, I think, to settle this. Honor demands it!!!!! :)

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