Sometimes Things Go Awesome…

I’ve been super stressed out lately (I can’t say why, it will all come out soon enough…probably) so some awesome little surprises yesterday made it all seem worth it.

First, fellow blogger Keith Silva named me in Comics Bulletin’s “10 Of Our Favorite Comics Critics”

Pretty shocking to be in such great company – and thank you Keith so much!

And then, more bizarrely, and possibly not what I think it is, but I’m running with it anyway, Google Alerts gave me a heads up to this review of Red Sonja #1 on Newsarama.

In the review the writer refers to “she has no head” syndrome – check it out:

Screen shot 2013-07-17 at 2.03.57 AM

So…yeah, I’m sure you guys get how huge that is. The idea that you’ve made enough of an impact that others are picking up on it and using it as a definition…well, it warmed the cockles of my cold dead heart, it did.



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  1. Keith Bowden’s avatar

    You’re hitting the big time, Ms. Thompson! (And I hope that’s included with your mysterious movements.) :)

  2. Nicole’s avatar

    Congrats…you know you made it when it is your own phrases being used by other.
    First it was “Women in refrigerators” and now we have “She has no head”. :)

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