An avid collector and THE GIRL WHO WOULD BE KING superfan purchased everything available from THE GIRL WHO WOULD BE KING book and Kickstarter campaign down to the last sticker and had it all mounted together into this amazing 90″ frame that has plates identifying each print and object, as well as a plate I signed for him.

Absolutely incredible.

Check out these pictures he sent me!

TGWWBK frame 1

TGWWBK frame 2

Just, wow.

It’s hard to believe that because of all the artists I have on board for my next book, STORYKILLER, its frame would be even more massive – as there will be probably double the number of signed prints alone!

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  1. Lily Ann Montemayor (@LilyPLD)’s avatar

    I seriously wish I found your work sooner. I can’t wait to read “The Girl Who Would Be King” as I just downloaded it from Amazon after I read your article on The Mary Sue about Storykiller. You’ve inspired me to continue my pursuit in writing epic stories and making a (hopefully) killer graphic novel. Thank you doesn’t even begin to show how much I appreciate you, but it will start :)

  2. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    But you found me now! So all is well!

    And thank you so much – for backing and for the tweet!

    I hope you enjoy TGWWBK – and Storykiller which you should have a digital copy of in just a few short weeks!

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