Help Bring Back “3 Chicks Review Comics!”

Sue and I have gotten a ton of questions over the last few months about when 3 Chicks will be back, and for those that suspected its demise, requests for Sue and I to revive 3 Chicks.

So we are indeed trying to revive it!

I return to NYC this month after a long stint away due to my Kickstarter fulfillment and Sue and I have been “making plans” — talking about creators we’d like to interview, rotating guest hosts we’d like to join us, and some small format changes that I think you’ll all enjoy. We even have a GORGEOUS new logo courtesy of the wonderful Caanan Grall:

3 Chicks Logo 2 - BlueHowever, to get us all the way back up and running, we will need YOUR help. Yes, YOU can help resuscitate 3 Chicks.

We’ve changed podcast hosting services from Podomatic, (which I was very frustrated with) over to Podbean. But to get us up and running there, we need about $250 for hosting services (this should cover a year). I have been paying for 3 Chicks since inception and it’s cost me, well, WAY more than $250 per year, but unfortunately as a freelance writer I’m just not in a position to cover that anymore. And this is what it will take to get us back up and running and hopefully better than ever.So if you guys want 3 Chicks back, show your love and throw some bucks our way.

There’s a handy little donate button right over to your left. Click it and you can donate any amount you like toward getting 3 Chicks back up and running.If we can get the funds, expect the first new episode later this month!

Thanks as always for your support and here’s to 3 Chicks 4EVA! 😉

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  1. Rob Lobster (@robsterkamp)’s avatar

    YES. So glad you guys are finally accepting some support and coming back – can’t wait to hear some new episodes!

  2. David M.’s avatar

    I tried to connect from the link and it said it can’t make a connection.

  3. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    Thanks so much, Rob!

    David M: Sorry. Seems you must use the donate button, not the link (which I’ve removed) apologies for any inconvenience!

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