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An avid collector and THE GIRL WHO WOULD BE KING superfan purchased everything available from THE GIRL WHO WOULD BE KING book and Kickstarter campaign down to the last sticker and had it all mounted together into this amazing 90″ frame that has plates identifying each print and object, as well as a plate I signed for him.

Absolutely incredible.

Check out these pictures he sent me!

TGWWBK frame 1

TGWWBK frame 2

Just, wow.

It’s hard to believe that because of all the artists I have on board for my next book, STORYKILLER, its frame would be even more massive – as there will be probably double the number of signed prints alone!

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I’ve been super stressed out lately (I can’t say why, it will all come out soon enough…probably) so some awesome little surprises yesterday made it all seem worth it.

First, fellow blogger Keith Silva named me in Comics Bulletin’s “10 Of Our Favorite Comics Critics”

Pretty shocking to be in such great company – and thank you Keith so much!

And then, more bizarrely, and possibly not what I think it is, but I’m running with it anyway, Google Alerts gave me a heads up to this review of Red Sonja #1 on Newsarama.

In the review the writer refers to “she has no head” syndrome – check it out:

Screen shot 2013-07-17 at 2.03.57 AM

So…yeah, I’m sure you guys get how huge that is. The idea that you’ve made enough of an impact that others are picking up on it and using it as a definition…well, it warmed the cockles of my cold dead heart, it did.



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Reposting from There’s The Door Spaceman, for those of you that don’t follow. Also, for some reason, the images I posted there (no matter how many things I tried) came out a bit pixelated, so see them here in all their gorgeous glory!

STUNNING!  These practical superheroine redesigns by Meredith McClaren are just to die for. I love how fashionable they are, how much they take into consideration the real world, there’s a practicality and function that is nevertheless completely badass. They’re also so far away from “basic catsuit” type stuff that it all feels so damn new and fresh!I mean…Look at that freaking Zatanna! I’ve never seen anything like that!

AND, you’ll be able to buy the original line art for some of these as she releases rewards this week for her AWESOME KICKSTARTER…although you guys are going to have to fight me for that Catwoman.

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Sorry for the absence, kids. I’ve been down with the monster flu that’s been devouring the east coast. While I was down however, a new 3 Chicks Review Comics went up, which included our Best and Worsts of 2012 as well as an interview with Batman writer Scott Snyder. Also, my piece about “10 Comics to Read in 2013” went up on Lit Reactor. You can read that piece here.

All that said, if the official announcement had been out on Brian Wood and Oliver Coipel’s all ladies “X-Men” debuting in April 2013, it would have been #1 on the list, guaranteed.

Brian Wood and Oliver Coipel’s all ladies X-Men


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Adam’s anniversary present.

The good news is, I get to look at it too and it’s AWESOME.


I bitch and moan (fairly regularly) during Drunk Cover Solicits about being tired of “split face” covers where a comic character’s face is split down the middle. I think I even said recently that I was officially over those kind of covers.

Well, sometimes it’s damn good to be wrong.  Check out this dynamic completely badass Ross Campbell Glory #24 cover (which is issue #2 since its “re-start”).  “Split face” and all, it’s awesome.