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Yes! Super on time!

Rules: one cover from the “mainstream” (i.e. DC/Marvel) and one cover from the “indies” (i.e. anything NOT DC/Marvel).

In the mainstream corner we have one of the best covers I’ve seen from DC since the reboot in 2011 – Batman & Catwoman #22 by Patrick Gleason (Mick Gray on inks and John Kalisz on colors). I still wish they’d be a little more innovative (and less fussy) with their title design/placement/what-have-you, but this is a GORGEOUS illustration. Fantastic color choices, positive and negative space, movement, composition graphic shapes, it’s got it all. Oh, and a gorgeously rendered Catwoman. Yes!


In the independent corner we have a fantastic Skottie Young cover for Revival #12. On the surface you wouldn’t think those two things would go together so well, but Skottie Young is a genius, so he makes it work – it’s both adorable and creepy – and somehow captures the essence of Revival without ever “not being a Skottie Young cover”. Impressive. I’m a big fan of tons of white on a cover when used well and this is a great example. Again, bonus points to Young and Image for being bold with title integration, credits, numbering, etc.  Two great picks for SDCC week!


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In honor of Bonnie and Lola and THE GIRL WHO WOULD BE KING we continue our 30 Days of Superheroines!

And in honor of Batman: The Dark Knight Rises  – Selina Kyle…CATWOMAN!

By Darwyn Cooke

Via Aw Yeah Comics!

By Quincy Sutton

Via Laugh Lounge

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In the past I’ve gone all out with celebrating…and by “all out” I mean doing a drawing (impressive, right?) but I’m so buried in Kickstarter and everything else, I just haven’t had time. So give you the GREATEST. IMAGE. EVER.

Oh, and an updated hit count: 1,326,656  

WOO!!!! Since last year we didn’t quite have 900,000 that means we got nearly 430k in hits over the past 12 months. Which is pretty good, especially since I’ve been so busy with other things. And considering that the hit count for our first year was a paltry 42k.

Thanks to all of you for keeping this blog nice and vibrant. Lots of potentially interesting things in the future…promise! 😉

Remember when it was just 300,000 we were so excited about?

Batdad by Andry Rajoelina

Via DeviantArt

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It’s just too damn hard to scan pages out of J.H. Williams III’s Batwoman on my itty bitty scanner…also, I’d need to scan like the whole damn book for this feature, so I’m just going to use this (which I grabbed from DC Women Kicking Ass before it was lettered) as the STUNNING panels of the week.  Amazing stuff.

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““Gates of Gotham” #5 does not end as strongly as it began, but it’s still a solid book with a strong ending to what was a compelling and different kind of Bat series.

Delving deeply into Gotham’s history, Scott Snyder and Kyle Higgins brought us something new and interesting with this series, and an aspect of Bat books that is too frequently paid lip service to but not actually explored: Gotham as a character itself…”

Read the rest of my CBR Review of Gates of Gotham #5 here.

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Head on over to CSBG for a write up and link to the latest episode of 3 Chicks Review Comics, with amazing guest star Scott Snyder!


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“All of Scott Snyder’s plot threads weave together beautifully as a story that’s been building for months finally comes to a head in this last issue of “Detective Comics” before we head into re-launch. Graced with exceptional co-art by Jock and Francesco Francavilla, which could have been frustrating but manages to work nicely, Snyder pulls no punches as his epic story comes to a close…”

Read the rest of my CBR Review of Detective Comics #881 here.

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Unsurprisingly, the excellent (and truly horrifying) Detective Comics #880 takes this week’s panel of the week as well as cover of the week thanks to Scott Snyder and Jock being disturbing super talented geniuses.

Possibly NSFW, and definitely NSFWEAS (Not Suitable For While Eating A Sandwich) below the cut…

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And in the “NO FUCKING CONTEST” section of Cover of the Week, we have Jock’s unbelievable offering for Detective Comics #880.

Also, I’ll say it right now, a likely contender for the top 10 of next year’s 52 Favorite Covers since SDCC 2011.

Also, if you are for any reason not reading this ‘Tec run by Scott Snyder, Francesco Francovilla, and Jock…you are fucking up.  Get on it.  Here are some CBR Reviews to help convince you (this link is to the issue below, but if you scroll down you can get all the reviews that have come before).

“I have little to no interest in Jason Todd, Red Hood or not. However, trapping Jason Todd in the Batmobile on a rescue mission with Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne will quickly pique my interest. It’s not groundbreakingly insightful or anything, but it can be great fun to see characters with this kind of history interact, and Winick makes the most of it in this issue of “Batman and Robin”….”

Click here to read the rest of my CBR Review of Batman & Robin #25.

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