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I have become greedy and thus as my stats “fall” on Amazon Kindle I find it “Lemon Grab-Level UNACCEPTABLE!”

Get out there and viral this puppy, kids so I can stop screaming UNACCEPTABLE (in my head…and sometimes out loud).

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Oh man…I had to update this! So I did this sketch again (and did a much better job – practice, yo!) – but most importantly Adam inked it for me – he’s SUCH A GOOD INKER. If this doesn’t show the power of a great inker I don’t know what does!

He also made some small drawing changes that super helped too. AMAZING. I’m in love with how it looks now and am going to pretend *I* did all by my lonesome! 😉

Pencils by Kelly Thompson, inks by Adam Greene

Felt the urge for some sketching this week. Did a fun one of Bonnie and Lola that I wanted to share with you all.

It’s also a great opportunity to remind you to BUY THE BOOK THE GIRL WHO WOULD BE KING.

You can buy digital and paperback copies on Amazon, and limited edition illustrated hardcovers (and cool swag) on TGWWBK website.

Also, if you’ve already purchased and read, but have not yet reviewed TGWWBK…get on that, son!

Crappy pencils AND inks by Kelly Thompson


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Huge thanks to Whitney Matheson for featuring THE GIRL WHO WOULD BE KING on Pop Candy’s “Week in Pop.”

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According to io9 she comes close!

“…Lola is, without hyperbole, one of the most fantastic antagonists I’ve ever had the pleasure to read.”

If you haven’t read Lola’s story yet in THE GIRL WHO WOULD BE KING, what are you waiting for?

Buy digital and paperback on Amazon, or limited edition illustrated hardcovers (and extras!) at: The Girl Who Would Be

And for those of you that have read, but haven’t yet reviewed it…get on that! 😉

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Thanks to all of you who participated – this was so fun for me!  I hoped we’d get more, but I always want more, I’m greedy that way.

In the meantime, less is good for those of you that entered! 😉 We did not get to 15 entries, so there will be only one winner today. Below are all the entries I received (in random order)…and the winner (drawn at random as per the rules) is at the bottom!

Our first entry is from Jessie Dawn and you can find her at both these links!

Second entry is from Natacha Bustos!

Read the rest of this entry »

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Lola and Bonnie by Emily Carroll

I’ve finally got the The Girl Who Would Be King FAN ART section up on the website.

There are a few awesome pieces up already thanks to the brilliant Emily Carroll, a pair of sketches I commissioned from Kaylie McDougal, and absolutely awesome reader Rachael Stephen (@mythicflux).

As a comic fan I’m also a huge fan of seeing artist interpretations of characters, so I encourage any of you that read and liked the book to send in your submissions.

You can submit directly to me at: 1979semifinalist[at]gmail[dot]com

Let’s go! :)

– Kelly



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Photo by Eric Smith via Eric Smith Rocks Blog

So why write about superheroes as prose when they’re so visual?

Those who were familiar with me before I published THE GIRL WHO WOULD BE KING are less curious since they know about my love of comics, and superheroes specifically. They also know I crave strong and complicated women in my fiction, I can’t get enough of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and love nothing more than sassy chicks that kick a lot of ass (hence, Buffy!), but even those familiar with my affection for these things sometimes wonder why I chose to write about superheroes as prose, instead of comics.

And the answer is simply this…I didn’t.

When I began THE GIRL WHO WOULD BE KING (way back in 2004) I started writing it as a screenplay.  Now, that’s still not a comic, but films are obviously great places for excellent visual action and for good or ill, a lot of superhero movies have been made — certainly there was a lot more than I had seen of superhero prose in 2004.  But as I tried to write this screenplay (I had written one before, it was terrible) I kept finding myself wanting to go deeper into the characters heads. To explore them more fully than I though I could in either film or comics. Now, thinking I couldn’t do that in those other mediums may have just been my lack of experience, but the end result was that I decided to try my hand at writing my superheroes as prose…and thus my first novel was born.

I had a lot of doubts over the years (even more than I had version of the book – which is saying a lot) – but when all was said and done I was really happy with my decision to delve so deeply into my heroes as prose. And once the book was done I found myself fantasizing about someday adapting it not only into a film (circle of life and all that) but possibly into a comic book. It intrigued me to almost go backwards, starting with a comic book idea, but executed in prose, and then taking it back to its more natural roots. It’s something I would love to try someday.

The added benefit is that while I spend a ton of my life trying to talk about women in comics, and getting more women to read comics, and understand how wonderful they can be, I love even more the idea that a lot of women and girls might love TGWWBK as a novel and then come along to read an adaptation of it, and thus discover comics.

That’s dreaming big at this point I suppose, but it’s certainly a place I’d like to go…and to have others follow me. You know one of the things that made doing TGWWBK as a comic book some day feel like a reality? All the amazing artists that helped make the book what it is – cover and interior illustrations artist Stephanie Hans, as well as comics creators Ross Campbell and Meredith McClaren.

Their work is too inspiring not to get any writer’s mind fantasizing about what might be next…

Lola and Bonnie heads by Ross Campbell

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For a limited time and in honor of Lola LeFever’s birthday (today 11/7) the Kindle version of THE GIRL WHO WOULD BE KING will be on sale for 99 CENTS on Amazon!

Need more motivation? The book has 16 reviews on Amazon already and maintains a five-star rating! Amazing!

Head over and get yours today while the sale lasts!

The Girl Who Would Be King by Kelly Thompson, cover art by Stephanie Hans


Awesome Meredith McClaren Lola and Bonnie “itty” magnets that all the $50 and up people will be receiving. LOVE THEM!

Hey, kids!

Just a little update about THE GIRL WHO WOULD BE KING reviews and news and such.

First up, it looks like, thanks to my badass printers, the print editions may get to me by the end of the month! This is much faster than expected and I hope it works out so I can get this out to all of you as quickly as possible! Fingers crossed!

Secondly, I finally got THE GIRL WHO WOULD BE KING up on iBook.  Barnes & Noble is up next and is already in process…hopefully it will go live this week.  One word of caution – on iBooks it’s linking TGWWBK to another book by a different Kelly Thompson – this is NOT my book.

The reviews continue to come in and they are AWESOME. Here are two from independent blogs (and if you write a review on your blog make sure to send it in so that I can link to you!):

First up is Lewis Smith’s review from WITLESS PRATTLE who has said some of my favorite things ever about the book. It’s a great read!

Also up is this sweet review from Jessica Anderson.

And here are some badass excerpts from things people have said at Amazon US, Amazon UK, and Goodreads – I honestly could not ask for more wonderful feedback – THANK YOU EVERYONE – and, because I’m greedy – KEEP THEM COMING! :)

“The writing is electric, relying on colorful imagery and breakneck pacing that brings to mind comic panels fed into a HD film projector … The whole thing comes off like if Neil Gaiman and Brian Michael Bendis had locked themselves in a cellar to determine what made superheroes great and what made a great superheroine and launched their results from a trebuchet at the internet.” – January Hooper, 5 Star Review, Amazon

“What a great book. Curveball of an ending, but a must read if you are at all interested in superhero stories. the narrative voice fits the characters so well, it is brilliantly self aware of its genre, and it just sweeps you right up into these two extraordinary girls’ lives. TGWWBK is a force to be reckoned with, and I cant wait to see more of Kelly Thompson’s work.” – Rachael Stephen, 5 Star Review, Amazon (UK)

“A Masterpiece of Classic Fiction and Comic-book Hero/Villain duality.” – Grant Hayward, 5 Star Review, Amazon

“Smart and grown up!” – Lauren Las, 5 Star Review, Amazon

“Once I started reading, I couldn’t put it down.” – Megan S., 5 Star Review, Amazon

If you like strong female leads and non-stop action, this is definitely for you.” – L. Cappelli, 5 Star Review, Amazon

“[TGWWBK] was everything I needed in a good book. It has it all. Adventure, mystery, and great characters. I fell in love with both Bonnie and Lola. Their Stories are both compelling and heart wrenching … a week later I still can’t stop thinking about this book.” – Lisa Higgins, 4 Star Review, Amazon

“[TGWWBK] is a totally original concept, and without giving anything specific away about the ending, this could EASILY be the first book in a series (although I would settle for a sequel). However, traditional publishers thought that we needed another vampire romance or dystopian trilogy more than we needed this book. I strongly disagree, and I suspect you will too. I highly recommend this book for mature teens, fans of strong female characters, comic book enthusiasts, and anyone who enjoys solid YA lit that doesn’t follow all the rules.” – Jessica, 5 Star Review, Goodreads



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So who won the five deluxe THE GIRL WHO WOULD BE KING packages from the contest this week?

First, check out what they won:

1 signed limited edition hardback edition of The Girl Who Would Be King, including at least 9 full color Stephanie Hans illustrations, 2 Ross Campbell “heads” magnets (1 Bonnie, 1 Lola), 2 Meredith McClaren “itties” magnets (1 Bonnie, 1 Lola), 6 over-sized post cards, 6 bookmarks, and eight stickers.

Each package is worth nearly $70.00! Woo!

Here are the winners!

Lisa Higgins

Angela Graham

Leonard Ingram


Cindy Mei

If you’re a winner, you’ll be getting an email from me today so I can get your mailing details.  Packages will ship sometime in November when the hardback edition has returned from the printer and I begin shipping out Kickstarter rewards.

Thanks so much for participating everyone!




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