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Just a quick shout out to all of you that were so instrumental in helping us fund STORYKILLER, and more than that, be absolutely DOMINANT in doing it.

THANK YOU!  And for posterity, and bragging rights (for all of us, cause this is a community win!) here’s the final page screencap:

Screen shot 2014-02-21 at 9.05.08 PM

I hope the novel meets (nay, exceeds!) your expectations, though to be honest, both are going to be tough given the incredibly talented artists that lent themselves to the project – and the general success of the campaign – but I’ll try my best.

If you’re anxious for more on Storykiller and haven’t checked out the website in full, make sure to do that, there are lots of hidden pages and fun things to find like bios and an “official Storykiller Playlist.”

If you’re not already following STORYKILLER on Facebook – please consider doing that. And DEFINITELY add us on Goodreads!

Thanks again, everyone. It takes a village and all that. So thank you, my village!




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Hey Everyone!

We’re in the final hours to back STORYKILLER, so run don’t walk and make sure to get your copy of the novel full of illustrations by some of comics’ best artists:

Dustin Nguyen, Stephanie Hans, Meredith McClaren, Rebekah Isaacs, Ross Campbell, Kris Anka, Noelle Stevenson, Jake Wyatt, Delcan Shalvey & Jordie Bellaire, Renae De Liz & Ray Dillon, Ming Doyle, Matthew Southworth, Ben Caldwell, Kyla Vanderklugt, Stacey Lee, Caanan Grall, Cassandra James, Thomas Boatwright, and Brett Weldele.

Here is just SOME of the art for the project:

You can also see a similar post (good for reblogging) on Tumblr, here.

Tessa vs Bluebeard by Noelle Stevenson smallerstorykiller72

Stephanie Hans Team Illustration smallerSH TB single resized

Micah Brand Jeff by Jake Wyatt smallerMeredith McClaren Tessa Battle Print smaller

Robin, Tal, and Hecuba Original Inks - Isaacs smallerRoss Campbell Tessa Battle Print smaller

It’s finally here, kids!

STORYKILLER is live on Kickstarter.

Head on over and check it out!

Here’s a teaser illustration by Stephanie Hans, but you’ll find lots more over on the Kickstarter site!

You can also read a 50 page excerpt here on the blog, or download a pretty formatted pdf perfect for iPads –> STORYKILLER Excerpt

Tessa Battle small

Tessa Battle and her axe The Black Dove from Storykiller. Illustration by Stephanie Hans!

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SK Artists Samples 2 smaller

Over on the STORYKILLER Kickstarter (just launched today 01/21/14!) I’ve got a full list of the artists currently on board producing illustrations for the illustrated edition, but I thought I’d put a compilation image here that included at least one image from each artist. I find it a bit confusing when those images are on the Kickstarter (i.e. art that isn’t actually being used for the project).

Anyway, here they are, as well as a list of all the incredible artists (and links to their respective sites) – I encourage you to check them out (if you don’t already know them) as they are all incredibly talented and worthy artists!

You can click to enlarge the image above…it should get rather huge. :)

KRIS ANKA – artist for X-Men, Uncanny X-Men, Marvel Cover Artist

THOMAS BOATWRIGHT – artist and creator of Cemetery Blues and Zeke Deadwood: Zombie Lawman, artist on Orc Girl

BEN CALDWELL – artist for Wednesday Comics Wonder Woman, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, artist and creator of Dare Detectives!

ROSS CAMPBELL – artist for Glory and TMNT, creator of Wet Moon and Shadoweyes

RENAE DE LIZ & RAY DILLON – artist and creator of Peter Pan and Womanthology, artist for The Last Unicorn. Colorist for Peter Pan, The Last Unicorn

MING DOYLE – artist for Mara, Fantastic Four, Womanthology

CAANAN GRALL – artist and creator of Max Overacts and Celadore

STEPHANIE HANS – artist for Spider-Man, Fearless Defenders, Journey Into Mystery

REBEKAH ISAACS – artist for Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Season Ten, Angel & Faith, DV8: Gods & Monsters, Magus

CASSANDRA JAMES – artist for Red Sonja, Valentine, Womanthology

MEREDITH MCCLAREN – artist for Hopeless Savages, Adventure Time, artist and creator of Hinges

DUSTIN NGUYEN – artist for Detective Comics, Batman: Streets of Gotham, Batman: Li’l Gotham, American Vampire

DECLAN SHALVEY & JORDIE BELLAIRE – artist for Hero Killers, Thunderbolts, Deadpool, American Vampire. Colorist for Pretty Deadly, Mara, Journey Into Mystery, The Wake.

MATTHEW SOUTHWORTH – artist for Stumptown, Ain’t Them Bodies Saints, X-Men, Spider-Girl

NOELLE STEVENSON – artist and creator of Nimona, co-writer for Lumberjanes

BRETT WELDELE – artist and co-creator of The Surrogates, artist and creator of The Light and Spontaneous, artist for Southland Tales, 28 Days Later

JAKE WYATT – artist and creator of Necropolis

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Storykiller Cover Front Only

Illustration by Stephanie Hans

STORYKILLER is my second novel, and one I am currently Kickstarting. Go there now to learn more about the book and check out all kinds of incredible art.

Below is an excerpt – the first seven chapters (about 50 pages) which you can read here directly, or click here –> STORYKILLER Excerpt to download a properly formatted pdf (perfect for iPads, but also fine to read on your computer).

Storykiller text edited R2 red copy


 01 One

‘There’s something wrong with me,’ boomed through Tessa’s head on repeat. She nearly shattered the flimsy stall door as she kicked it in with her combat boot and got over the toilet only seconds before she vomited what felt like everything she’d ever eaten. A pair of girls at the sinks behind her groaned and got bitchy.


“Gross. Way to go, new girl.”

Tessa stepped on the flush with her boot and staggered out of the stall, glaring at them.

“Double ewww,” the blonde said, looking Tessa up and down and making a gagging sound. Tessa thought for a moment about punching her in the throat, but the pinch of pain in her stomach made her feel strangely kittenish. Instead, she just moved to the sinks and turned the tap, which immediately snapped off in her hand as if she was The Hulk.

“Balls,” Tessa muttered, tossing the broken knob to the floor. “Piece of junk,” she said squinting her eyes shut through a wave of sharp pains while the cool water gushed from the faucet. Tessa leaned over the sink and rinsed out her mouth as the girls slid from the bathroom giggling and calling her names. She washed her face, not caring that her hair or the heavy black make-up around her eyes was getting wet.

She glanced at her watch.

2:25 pm.

She’d been 17 for three minutes.

What an awesome start to what was sure to be a banner year back in Lore, Oregon.

Continue Reading…

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Storykiller text edited R2 red copy

So this is the first official announcement that I’ll be headed back to Kickstarter in January (a month from today in fact – 1/20/14) with a new book called STORYKILLER.

I’m really excited about this project, and I hope you guys will be too. I have some absolutely incredible artists on board to do illustrations for the project (even though like THE GIRL WHO WOULD BE KING, the book is prose) and I’m super excited to share all of this with you.

Stay tuned for more news and developments.

For now, HERE is a teaser. Enjoy!



I wrote a piece about my Kickstarter Campaign for THE GIRL WHO WOULD BE KING on Lit Reactor. Check it out if you get a chance!


Bonnie & Lola.  Illustration by Stephanie Hans

Here we go!

Next Monday, June 25th I will be launching a Kickstarter for my book THE GIRL WHO WOULD BE KING (which I talk about a little bit more here). Part of the Kickstarter will be giving away “Part I: break away” in full online by releasing pages here on 1979 Semi-Finalist every Tuesday and Thursday for the duration of the Kickstarter.

As today is Tuesday, we’re starting with the first two chapters of the book. Come back every Tuesday and Thursday for a new piece, and click on the THE GIRL WHO WOULD BE KING tab above to go to a dedicated page with the all the updates compiled in one location. The text is both below in blog format for easy reading, or available in a downloadable PDF at the link so you can take it with you on your devices.

Of course if you like what you read, please feel free to sound off in the comments. If you don’t…um…go away? Just kidding, you can let me know if you don’t like it either, but productive comments are preferred and the “comments policy” will be in full effect as usual.

Download the PDF here:  The Girl Who Would Be King – Chapters 1 & 2

Berks County, Pennsylvania

The car hits the tree going at least forty miles an hour and I go through the windshield like I’ve been tossed gently by a hurricane.  I land thirty yards away from the car on some bright green grass, barely missing the tree directly in my path.

Everything is black for a while.

When I open my eyes again all I see are these vivid green leaves floating casually above me, and I wonder for just a moment about their casual ways, trying to understand why certain parts of life just don’t care about the other parts.

And then the smell hits me.

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Help make this amazing all female anthology – WOMANTHOLOGY – the vision of artist Renae De Liz – a reality via kickstarter.

Tons of great female talent is already on board, both new upcoming talent and long and awesomely established talent – including Gail Simone, Devin Grayson, Fiona Staples, Ming Doyle, Stephanie Buscema, Mariah Huehner, Collen Doran, Chrissie Zullo, Ann Nocenti, Trina Robbins, and so many more. IDW is publishing, and they’ve raised 20% of their funds in the first three hours, so get on board while there’s still time!

Yours truly is hoping to be involved, but I missed the cut off to write for this first issue, so I may have to wait till the second round.  Despite all that…you should support it anyway.  It’s a great thing, and I expect some amazing stories.

Help make it possible by donating to Kickstarter today!

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