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Sorta on time???

Rules: one cover from the “mainstream” (i.e. DC/Marvel) and one cover from the “indies” (i.e. anything NOT DC/Marvel).

In the mainstream corner we have Kris Anka’s absolutely mind blowing Uncanny X-Force #10. I cannot even with how amazing this idea is from stunning concept to perfect execution. It’s smart, highly relevant to the content within (which I WISH I like a tenth as much as Anka’s covers), and just ballsy and cool on every level. Love it.


On the independent side, we have a SLIGHT cheat this month, as I’m not sure Vertigo REALLY falls on the indie side, since they’ve technically got the backing of DC. However, the content (and cover, concept, everything) of this book feels indie AND given the state of Vertigo these days (great books, but not nearly enough of them) I feel okay with this choice. Regardless, Collider #1 by Nathan Fox is absolutely deserving of this slot – a STUNNING cover that everyone will have to chase for “best cover of the year” (for me at least). Inspired colors, composition, positive/negative space, text/title block design, and concept. Utterly fantastic. This is comics, kids!



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Um…super NOT on time! Man guys, I’m sorry, I’ve got a ton on my plate right now and my horrible allergies are making all of it feel Herculean.

Rules: one cover from the “mainstream” (i.e. DC/Marvel) and one cover from the “indies” (i.e. anything NOT DC/Marvel).

In the mainstream corner we have Jamie McKelvie’s Young Avengers #8, doing it again – two issues in a row – and twice in a month – nice! What I love most about this cover is that though it’s visually striking and very pretty on just face value, it’s in the details where your realize how incredibly smart and cool it is. Love it.


In the independent corner we have Matt Kindt’s gorgeous Mind Mgmt #13, which is both gorgeously illustrated (watercolor? got to be) but more importantly content wise, it’s just so surprising and awesome. Perfectly executed to feel all sweet and 1950′s and then “oh, yeah, she’s got a semi-automatic.” AWESOME.




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Here are the “rules“.

If you’d like to see the full Marvel August Cover Solicits head on over to CBR.

Honestly? Not a great month for Marvel. I mean, there’s some awesome gorgeous stuff here, but they’ve been fucking killing it, and this was not one of their best months. There was even some not so great (on the offensive tip) stuff. Nothing end of the world-ish, but kinda a bummer nonetheless.

ALL NEW X-MEN 15. Damn. I hate that I’m remotely intrigued about who she’s about to kiss. Damn me and weak female brain!!!

Sidenote: It’s gotta be Warren, right?  I mean it’s clearly one of the original five and it’s not Cyclops. It can’t be Iceman, because, well, Iceman. And Beast would be recognizable in the face, right?

A+X 11. I kinda dig Mark Texeira. But I don’t love this. :(

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Here are the “rules“.

If you’d like to see the full Marvel July Cover Solicits head on over to CBR.

Well, Black Widow had a really rough month, but otherwise these were pretty great, as seems to be the new usual for Marvel. That said, technically more “offensive” covers this month than DC…so they’re going to need to keep an eye on that if they want to stay ahead.

ALL NEW X-MEN 15. This is fucking beautiful. I love how it’s stylized and graphic, but doesn’t look too stiff. The expressions and body language are great. Such attention to detail int eh costumes and everything. Immonen is a god of comics, man.

A+X 10. Phantomex and Black Widow by way of Kris Anka???? SIGN ME THE FUCK UP!!! This is gorgeous! Love the color choices here and the pop of red in Natasha’s hair. So good.

ASTONISHING X-MEN 64. It’s pretty hard to go wrong with Phil Noto and Mystique. The colors on this are great. I assume this is continuing the “Iceman” story, but I’m fine with Mystique being the star instead. ;)

AVENGERS 16. Preeeeety damn good.

AVENGERS 15.  GRRRRR. Why the fuck is that necessary?  Seriously, what on earth is the reason for that?  Let’s try the dialogue for this scene:

Falcon: AHHHH! My Ears!!!

Captain America: AHHH!!! My Ears!!!

Black Widow: AHHHH! My Ears! So powerful that my zipper has broken open and my tits have sprung loose!!!! AHHHHH!

C’mon Mr. Yu. Really?

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Here are the “rules“.

If you’d like to see the full DC June Cover Solicits head on over to CBR.

Again I have to say, Eisner noms…what were you thinking??? This is clearly THE PLACE for serious comics journalism.

There must be SOME kind of award I can win for blogging about covers while drunk. Surely that’s a THING, right?

It’s getting repetitive, but almost no missteps this month. Marvel is delivering fucking great covers, month after month. Good job, kids. WE HAVE CHANGED THE WORLD. OR SOMETHING. :0

AGE OF ULTRON #WHO THE FUCK CARES.  This is a fine cover, nothing wrong with it, I’m just using the poor thing as an example of how much I DO NOT CARE ABOUT “AGE OF ULTRON”

ASTONISHING X-MEN 63. Wow. You go, Phil Noto. This is so fun.  I love the way it both embraces the kind of typical “damsel fantasy cover” and also upgrades it to something a bit more interesting.

Not sure who the naked chick is…anyone?

AVENGERS ARENA 10. Great limited color. Wonderful graphic elements – the simplified trees and hand, all of it. Very cool. Don’t love the blurry/digital snow. :(

AVENGERS ARENA 11. Fucking great illustration. I love it. Great connection with the reader/camera for Hazmat. Love that she’s still in her helmet. Great color palette. Honestly, everything about it is bang the fuck on.

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Here are the “rules“.

If you’d like to see the full Marvel May Cover Solicits head on over to CBR.

Also, I’m actively taking suggestions in the comments for how to modify these “Drunk Solicits” going forward. Marvel has just upped their game so much that I feel the need to modify. I’ve thought about doing fewer and doing them individually…or doing them on tumblr…a few things. Lemme know if you’ve got a brilliant suggestion.

And congratulations to you, Marvel…you have officially ruined my fun! But as we all know I’d rather have smart, beautiful, non-offensive covers than a few cheap jokes once a month, so seriously…CONGRATULATIONS. You are making me proud, kid.

AGE OF ULTRON 7. You guys know I hate these no background backgrounds. Blarg. The illustration work is nice though.  And I appreciate whats her names costume…actually…who the fuck is that…kinda looks like Janet…but not in any costume I’ve ever seen before…who knows? Sound off in the comments!

AGE OF ULTRON 8. This is a very clever perspective/reversal. I dig it. I’m not sure either of Susan’s arms quite work though…one seems to disappear and the other seems like it’s part “Mr. Fantastic arm.”  Wolvie’s claws seem a bit off model too…still, I said I like it, and I do. Huge points for inventiveness.

ALL-NEW X-MEN 11. Hmm. The floating heads aren’t so bad when in a circle. They bother me much less.  That said, I gotta admit, I am not down with Emma’s new costume. The problem is, that the Quitely costume from New X-Men was so much more innovative with its “X OF FLESH” so while I have no objection to Emma sporting skin, this seems much less creative, although it’s a fun/weird change to see her in black. I’m also kind of lukewarm on Illyana’s costume. I like the hotpants and thigh high boots (except they’re the same as Emma’s which doesn’t seem like something Emma would stand for) and the boob window and bare midriff both together seem weirdly excessive.  Wow. I had a surprising amount to say about this cover. Also, it’s very pretty. Gorgeous illustration work, and the color contrasts and positive/negative space is pretty damn cool.

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Here are the “rules“.

If you’d like to see the full Marvel April Cover Solicits head on over to CBR.

Honestly, yet again these are more good than bad, and thus, not particularly funny…but I’ll try my best.

AGE OF ULTRON 5. Nice Alan Davis – and when I say Davis I of course mean BRYAN HITCH – team cover. I love that there are four ladies on this cover and none of them are wearing anything ridiculous.


AGE OF ULTRON 6 VARIANT. Yeah, that’s original, Wolvie tearing through something.

Just kidding, I was being mean (it’s the drink, I swear!) this is actually great – execution is really good.

ALPHA. Nice composition and color choices on this one. I certainly prefer it to “crazy eyes” and “broken back” of last month.

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Here are the “rules“.

If you’d like to see the full Marvel March Cover Solicits head on over to CBR.

Yet again, Marvel is making this feature pretty fucking hard. Way more covers to love than loathe. I tried my best but they’re honestly just turning out some awesome stuff these days. Enjoy!

AVENGERS ACADEMY 6. Still enjoying these covers. Very fun, great sense of humor and full of personality.

ALPHA 2. Um. Let’s for a moment ignore the MC (Alpha?)’s facial expression…which is PURE INSANITY…and discuss the fact that the woman he’s carrying has clearly broken her fucking back. #NoThanksHero

A+X 6. This seems like a fun team up and the illustration isn’t bad, but Carol looks FUCKING TERRIFIED. That um…doesn’t seem right.

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I reviewed a few extra books for CBR this week, so have a relatively massive five reviews…let’s start at the top!


“”Young Avengers” #1 is one of those books. A book where you’re aware while reading it that you are experiencing something truly special. Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie have delivered an incredibly satisfying, innovative and touching first issue that will leave readers absolutely pumped for this debut series…continue reading at CBR


“”Batwoman” #16 is a stunningly beautiful book. A revelation almost in its visual perfection, but it just tries to do too much. Too many voices, too many stories, too many perspectives and too many words for too few pages, the issue collapses under its own ambition and stands as a good book instead of brilliant…continue reading at CBR


“On the whole, Jason Aaron and David López’s “Wolverine & The X-Men” 24 is a fun and attractive book, but like many quiet and more soap-opera like superhero books it lacks some gravitas until the end. Quiet relationship books are some of my favorite kinds — those small stories that develop character and show “insignificant” moments that happen between the big battles — and in that way, “Wolverine & The X-Men” #24 should be right up my alley…continue reading at CBR



When you see six people listed as the art team for a single comic, your heart sinks. “Gambit” #8 could have been worse, considering there were so many hands involved (five people on pencils and inks alone), but it’s still just not a great looking book. The more you look, the more flaws you find. Unfortunately, James Asmus’s interesting plot and adequate writing aren’t enough to save it…continue reading at CBR


“I desperately want to be reading and loving a book starring Selina Kyle, and I was hopeful that the new creative team would give me that opportunity, but four issues into this creative pairing, “Catwoman” still doesn’t work. While there are things I like about the new direction, the negatives unfortunately far outweigh the positives…read the full review at CBR

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An all-new She Has No Head! is up, kids. And I really like this one, so check it out.

I get to rave about the idea of Brian Wood’s upcoming X-Men title while bitching about everything that was wrong with Marvel Divas. Oh, Marvel, how far you’ve come! I feel like a proud parent! :)

Kris Anka’s take on Brian Wood’s new X-Men!


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