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In honor of hitting 100,000 hits over here on 1979 Semi-Finalist I’m going to steal an idea from my friend Holly over at Beyond The Air.  Holly did a great “Best Of Post” a little while ago that inspired me to revisit the comics I have really loved over Rabid Lamb’s brief year long-ish history, in honor of my 100,000 Hit-0-versary.  As usual with lists I do it half in the hope it will re-inspire me to draw more comics and half just because I love me some lists.  So here goes…the Top 15 Rabid Lamb Comics…as picked by yours truly.  Below the jump, I also list the Top 5 Rabid Lamb Comics, based solely on hit numbers…it’s an interesting difference. And at the very bottom…1979 Semi-Finalist’s first ever POLL!

15.  Rabid Lamb Comic #063. I hate the drawing in this one, but LOVE the gag.  You see, it’s funny because it’s true.

Rabid Lamb Comic #063

14.  Rabid Lamb Comic #155. This is the first comic in a short series about Adam with a deer head.  Adam is largely responsible for this bit and it’s great.

Rabid Lamb Comic #155

13.  Rabid Lamb Comic #156.  The conclusion to #155 – great stuff!

Rabid Lamb Comic #156

12.  Rabid Lamb Comics #157.  A little riff on the previous “deer head” strip.

Rabid Lamb Comic #157

11.  Rabid Lamb Comic #158. The end of that little “deer strip” – which was some of the most fun I had with Rabid Lamb – and which I don’t despise the drawing on…except panel two of this strip (just terrible!).

Rabid Lamb Comic #158

10.  Rabid Lamb Comic #085.  There’s something about the simplicity of this one that always loved…that and the fact that it’s an actual conversation…pretty much word for word.  Those tend to be some of my favorites.

Rabid Lamb Comic #085

9.  Rabid Lamb Comic #     – Guest Artist Adam Greene. This probably deserves to be higher than #9 on the list…Adam’s cartooning is so far above mine it’s ridiculous.  I will say that he took forever to draw this and at the time I was doing five strips a week…we can’t all be michaelfreakingangelo when posting five strips a week and working full time…can we Adam?  But I LOVE everything about this.

Rabid Lamb Comic - Guest Artist Adam Greene

8.  Rabid Lamb Comic #124. The only strip to make my list and the “Top 5 Readers List”.  I loved drawing the Adam and Kelly stick figures, if only because it helped the creativity and allowed the strip to become something more than a journal comic….which when you live the boring life I do gets very old very fast.  Panel #4 is one of my favorite panels of all time – the expression and dialogue are just dead on.

Rabid Lamb Comic #124

Click more to see the rest of the list…and to see the Top 5 Comics according to you the reader…there’s also a poll at the end…whee!…

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People look up some weird stuff on the interweb man.  I mean, I’m sure I’ve looked up some things that might seem bizarre to someone who didn’t know what I was looking for, but “Mila Kunis Wikipedia”?  What the hell? 

Anyway, apologies to Mila for the bad representation of her here, I tried, but since it was my first time drawing her, well, she pretty much doesn’t look anything like her. 

Speaking of Mila Kunis, did anyone out there see Forgetting Sarah Marshall?  Adam and I saw it with Kyle when he was in town, and I heartily recommend it.  I wasn’t expecting much, but I thought it was great.  Really funny stuff.  For my money it was definitely better than Superbad (which I didn’t love) and it was maybe even better than Knocked Up (although nothing is funnier than that scene with Paul Rudd and the chairs in Knocked Up – which used to be available on YouTube, if you want to see it again or never got the opportunity – hilarious!).  Anyway, I gave Forgetting Sarah Marshall four netflix stars.  Check it out if you haven’t yet.

Update:  Apparently there are some people that don’t even know who Mila Kunis is (ahem…Paul) so here’s a picture, so that it might jog your memory.  She is currently starring in Forgetting Sarah Marshall (as noted above) and she was also Jackie on That 70’s Show for like…100 years…