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This is a great interview with anti-abortion protestors, who despite being involved in the anti-abortion movement for years, cannot seem to answer the simple question of what should happen to women who have abortions anyway, even if it was deemed illegal.  It is shocking, the lack of insight people with such strong convictions have put into this…and also shocking is the circle logic that they lamely employ in an attempt to justify their poorly constructed arguments.

Things like this make me oh so sad and frustrated for this country.

Thanks to Unreasonable Faith.com for the great article.



HOT DAMN. I could not freaking be happier if I tried…well, okay, if while winning the election and watching history be made in Obama’s epic acceptance speech, if I had been fed grapes and massaged by strong hands…PERHAPS I could have been happier, but they would have had to be extraordinary (possibly magical?) grapes and Clive Owen’s hands.


I am optimistic and proud for my country as I have not been able to be in almost eight years…and I cannot wait to get started. I hope that Obama can bridge this country and lead us in doing great things, and maybe eventually this polarized country of ours can find a way to meet in the middle.

*I stole this image from the delightful ladies over at Shapely Prose, though I stole the other one from Jezebel. I’m full of theft lately…what’s up with that?

I hope everyone votes today – it is so important.  I voted on my way in to work this morning, and I waited in line an hour – which has never happened before.  I’ve never waited more than five minutes in any election, in any state, at any polling location…and while nobody loves to stand in line, I have to say that there was something inspirational about seeing so many people getting out and voting. 

Be a part of something huge (I’m especially talking to you youth – we need you!) get out there and vote.


I had to post this because it’s literally the first thing to make me laugh in days as I’m so tense about the elections.  Hilarious.  The article on Jezebel I stole it from is also good, so check it out.  But mostly, GO OUT AND VOTE.  I feel like there should be a new law instituted that people who don’t vote should be shipped out to a country where you don’t GET to vote for some period of time between one and five years…just so they can understand what an amazing right it is to even have…and not to squander it when they have it again. 

And don’t even get me started on the undecideds at this point…HOW CAN YOU BE UNDECIDED?  What magical thing is going to happen or needs to be said to get you to just FREAKING DECIDE ALREADY…!?!?!? 

So, I am officially one of those people that needs to “chill the fuck out”…I’m a ball of nerves…and I’m hoping it is all for naught.  That this country is going to actually turn out huge for Obama…and our map is going to look very very blue…bluer than it has looked in a very long time…and that maybe this country can finally start the long path to healing…I just need to stop reading conservative blogs and websites that have me so paranoid I don’t even want to wake up in the morning…

Not really of course (how could you take it seriously, I was contemplating using an AX!)

But many of you know what I mean.  Did you watch the last debate last night?  It was hard to pick between the debate and the season finale of Project Runway, but Project Runway was a bit of a let down this season (though LeAnne’s collection was pretty awesome) so I Tivo’d Project Runway and went with the debates like a good citizen.  I’m glad I did.  Obama trounced McCain again, though it was certainly McCain’s best performance so far, and probably Obama’s worst.  Honestly, who is McCain’s handler?  Because someone needs to get control over that man’s reaction shots (too late now – by the way!).  He just looks like an arrogant sinister grouchy old man…so smug in his own self importance of how stupid everyone is but him.  If there weren’t plenty of other things to help him lose the election that alone could do it for me.  When I look at him I just see a guy who has never had an honest smile in his life – it all seems so forced and well, kind of evil.  Whereas Obama is one cool customer.  He’s unflappable.  And SO likeable and natural.  I love it. 

Oh, and that little thing above my head in panel four?  That’s a classic lead pipe…circa Clue 1982…

That’s either me losing it in the last panel, or the creation of an awesome new superhero/villain called ‘Broccoli Head’.  Either way, the conversation was rife with hand gestures and big sighs of frustration and ended with at least one person (me) going to bed angry. 

The thing is, I get some of it, I mean I don’t agree with any of it, but I at least understand some of it – Adam explained the concept in regards to schools and health care and all sorts of things that made sense (and that I already understood), but I just couldn’t grasp the concept of smaller/no government working when it came to things like getting a road built (or repaired).  He explained it to me at least half a dozen times, and was incredibly patient, but I think part of the problem on the “roads issue” is that Adam doesn’t believe in it either – so neither of us really GETS how it would actually work…because we don’t think it will. 

Anyway, it was an incredibly frustrating night and it will be a LONG time before I try to have a conversation like that again.

I didn’t really throw them all out – it’s just symbolic.  I did throw out a couple that I never want to see again and that I didn’t feel were worthy of donation.  I put a few in the back of my closet and held a few for donation at a later date.  Thank the gods – I hated my summer shirts this past year.  Some years I find good stuff and I can muddle through, and other years (this one) it’s just unbearable from the very first day.  Yuck.

Did you guys watch the debate last night?  I thought Obama did great.  Of course we’ve established I’m pretty biased at this point. The thing that really shocks me about all of this is how much I have ended up hating McCain.  McCain was actually an interesting guy to me eight+ years ago, but now, he’s just so full of lies that I can’t even look at him.  He seems like a petty, smug, arrogant ignorant jerk most of the time, and that “smile” he’s got going on?  The one that is supposed to look like he’s a “really nice guy” makes me just cringe.  He looks like he’s gritting his teeth through the smile and thinking “I’m going to kill every single one of you for making me do this” the whole time. 

Obama looked relaxed and confident and well, just presidential quite frankly.  He also did a better job of answering the actual questions (I mean neither of them get A+’s in that) but Obama certainly did a better job than McCain – I don’t think I heard more than one actual plan from McCain – does he have any plans or is he just hoping to rest on his previous (not so great by the way) voting record if he gets elected?  Cause I’m pretty sure that won’t work.

Also – was anyone else totally thrown by McCain referring to Obama as “that one”.  I’m sure it was just a slip up (he IS super old) but that had serious racist undertones if you ask me. He has a name and a title – it’s SENATOR Barak Obama. 

The CNN polls last night about the debate, heavily favored Obama, which is awesome, but now I come in today to read all the hate and bile on the internet (mostly from moron commenters) and I feel bad about everything again…I just have to learn to stop reading the comments.  Not mine of course…but those anonymous racist haters out there that try to spread their poison anywhere they can on various blogs politcal and otherwise – the terrible bile I was seeing today was on a freaking E! entertainment post about the debate – I guess I can rest easy that someone who is getting their political news from E! is probably not smart enough get to the voting booth anyway… 

Also, I’m sure everyone knows this already, but if you have any doubt about any of the facts that are getting thrown around go to www.factcheck.org to check out the ACTUAL facts.  It’s a non-partisan site and you’ll find just as many Obama and Obama camp errors as McCain and McCain camp errors.  To my mind the Obama errors, though they obviously exist, are generally more innocent and less slimy – but it’s a great site regardless of who you’re voting for, it really helps clear up some of the lies and misinformation.

Apologies in advance to Paul – who hates the word ‘fall’ and is desperately in favor of using ‘autumn’.  Autumn is nice, but it’s just not the word I grew up with…and thus not the word I associate with my beloved ‘fall’.

It seems silly to be annoyed with the real problems of the world because it is partially keeping me from enjoying a simple thing like fall…but it only comes once a year…how many do I really have left to enjoy in my life?  Surprisingly few really…

Wow.  Now I’m super depressed.  Congratulations Kelly.

I didn’t mean to end the week on such a sad little strip…but that’s just the way it worked out.  Maybe it was unconscious considering my mood lately. 

Did you all watch the VP Debate last night?  Biden was amazing.  And while the Katie Couric Palin didn’t show up, the one that does know how to find a coherant sentence (mostly) but that still speaks in folksy generalities and never answers an actual question showed up and fooled a good percentage of Americans (again) with her “straight talk”.  Let’s be clear – it’s NOT STRAIGHT TALK…they have NO ANSWERS…NO PLAN…it’s a horrible train (bridge?) to nowhere! 

According to polls though Biden won the debate (duh) and Obama Biden are still ahead, so I remain hopefully optimistic while the world crumbles around us…

And on that note, Happy Friday everyone, have a great weekend…

Yeah, I’m still having trouble concentrating…anyone else?

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