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I’ve got a new piece up on Lit Reactor about the importance and advantages of following creators, not publishers or characters, especially when it comes to comic books. Check it out!


Though I continued to read the regular “season eight” Buffy comics even when they annoyed me this past year, I’d fallen away from the more intense (and frequently confusing for me) Angel stuff.  It’s entirely possible that that’s my fault and that I just wasn’t paying enough attention – there was a lot going on in some of those books.  However drama between Willingham and Whedon’s people over all the Twilight nonsense (which I ended up hating anyway) didn’t help restore a lot of faith in what was going on in the books.  All that to say that I wasn’t really intending to pick up Angel & Faith forthcoming from Dark Horse.  Until today. Until I realized Rebekah Isaacs is going to be drawing it.

And now?  I’m so in motherfuckers.

If you’re a fan of Isaacs, check out the interview at the link where writer Christos Gage tells a pretty great story about working with Isaacs (the rest of the interview is good too).

Also, check out the pieces I wrote on She Has No Head! about Isaac’s work on the miniseries DV8: Gods & Monsters – including a Brian Wood interview –  here, here, and here.  Sue, Maddy, and I have also talked about Isaacs and about her current series Magus on the 3 Chicks Review Comics podcast – episode #04 and episode #010.

And here, so you know can know in a moment what you’ve been missing, is my all-time favorite page of Isaac’s from DV8: Gods & Monsters:


A new She Has No Head! about Brian Wood and Rebekah Isaacs DV8 Gods & Monster’s mini-series is up, check it out!


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It’s no secret that I’ve been loving the hell out of Fiona Staples DV8 Covers for the Brian Wood & Rebekah Isaacs Gods & Monsters mini-series, and this week is no exception.  A beautiful cover featuring what’s turned into one of my favorite characters – Freestyle – that I hope is not going to bite it.  Please please please Brian!

It’s also of note that while I ended up going for a panel of the week not from this book (that post goes up Tuesday 10/26), this entire goddamn book could have been scanned and posted as Panel(s) of the week.  It is BEAUTIFUL.  Rebekah Issacs’ not only renders her characters exceptionally but she has a real gift for storytelling and stunning action set pieces.  Much of this series has been set in an “undeveloped civilization” and has featured warring tribes battling on epic natural battlefields…and Isaacs has just delivered a completely compelling and really cinematic visual experience.  Overall it has been an amazing series, and I can say without a doubt is one of the best written, best drawn books I have read this year.  I’ll miss it immensely when it ends next month.  If you haven’t been reading it, I urge you to seek it out and if you can’t find it or can’t afford it, make sure to pick up the trade April 2011.

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