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Because a commenter on The Mary Sue (LizRiata) is having a grand old time calling me a liar in public, here are some formerly private DM’s between me and the perfectly lovely ladies at Black Girl Nerds as we discussed me coming onto their podcast last month and then when that didn’t work out, us doing an interview.

Subsequent to this conversation, just last week, I WAS contacted directly via email for an interview which I happily agreed to. I did the interview via email, provided many images, and I hope it will go up sometime in the near future.

Here are the DM’s.

UPDATED TO ADD: I have, since first posting this, talked with BGN and they are fine with me posting the DMs and since that’s the case, I’m going to go ahead and leave this post up permanently. Also, I have learned that the Jem interview we did will be going up on BGN March 4th (woo!). AND I notice that LizRiata has turned into “Guest” in our discussion on The Mary Sue and it looks like maybe she has deleted her Discus profile entirely. She could have just apologized. I would have accepted a public apology. And, UPDATE 2: Here’s that interview!


Black Nerd Girls DM 2


Ah. We live in such a fun age. /sarcasm.