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Sorry for the absence, kids. I’ve been down with the monster flu that’s been devouring the east coast. While I was down however, a new 3 Chicks Review Comics went up, which included our Best and Worsts of 2012 as well as an interview with Batman writer Scott Snyder. Also, my piece about “10 Comics to Read in 2013” went up on Lit Reactor. You can read that piece here.

All that said, if the official announcement had been out on Brian Wood and Oliver Coipel’s all ladies “X-Men” debuting in April 2013, it would have been #1 on the list, guaranteed.

Brian Wood and Oliver Coipel’s all ladies X-Men


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Absolutely love this gorgeous Mark Brooks Rogue cover for X-Men Legacy #262:

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I love Jim Cheung’s art, dude is a straight up badass.  But what on the motherfuckingplanet is the excuse for this crap with Rogue’s costume?  I mean…it’s just ABSURD.

The “Rogue costume problem” which went on for so long over the past year, has largely stopped.  I haven’t seen her unzipped, or at least not to unreasonable levels for a very long time.  So where THE HELL does this come from?  Man, this kind of silly crap makes me so frustrated with comics.

C’mon Mr. Cheung, you are SO MUCH BETTER THAN THIS.  What happened?!?!?

From CBR

Also, I thanked Derek in the tweet about this post for the heads up, but didn’t do so in the actual post.  Apologies Derek and thanks for the heads up!


“Fallout from Mike Carey’s Age of X event continues to be the primary conflict both physically and emotionally in “X-Men Legacy” as the team fights the two remaining Legion personalities still loose and causing havoc, Styx and Endgame. It’s a nice change of pace considering that too frequently when an “event” ends, we’re given a quick exit and little to no ramifications post “event.” Sometimes, of course, that’s a welcome respite from an event we didn’t like or were tired of in the first place. In the case of Age of X, though, some very interesting threads were left hanging and now Carey is doing an admirable job of dealing with them…”

You can read the rest of my CBR Review of X-Men Legacy #253 here.

As always, likes and retweets are much appreciated and you can check out all of my CBR Reviews thus far here.  Also, I’ve got a bio up on CBR now, woo!


A cool full page panel from Khoi Pham on this week’s X-Men Legacy #253.

Bonus points for a fully zipped up Rogue!  Woo!

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…to have really talented friends that draw comics.  Cause then you get birthday presents like this!


Courtesy of my good friend and supremely talented writer and artist Ross Campbell.

Thanks Ross!

xoxoxo, Kelly

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Ross has a breakdown! I try (and fail) to defend the X-Men theme song and intro!  Storms powers make no sense!

Listen NOW.


Now’s your chance!

Nick Marino of AudioShocker very kindly let me guest star on his superfun weekly podcast with Wetmoon and Shadoweyes creator Ross Campbell and Nick’s his dulcet toned girlfriend Justique as they talked about X-Men The Animated Series, Season One, Episode 2 (we talked about other things too, but I was mostly there as the nostalgic counter point to tearing the animated series to pieces).

Part 1 went up today, and because I can’t shut up, there will be a part 2, going up on Saturday October 9th.  Check them out if you’ve been dying to get more of me (I mean, who isn’t?!).

Nick, Justique, and Ross are planning to watch and discuss the entire series (good luck dudes) and I’ll be popping in from time to time because who doesn’t want to be the “guest star”?


Ah, animated series Rogue, my first love.


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If ever there was a She Has No Head! to check out, this is it, filled with dozens of stunning images by dozens of great artists of superheroine fashion.  Check it out!

A very fashion forward Rogue by Nuno Alves for Project Rooftop

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Some awesome stuff has happened over the last few days…I’m going to pretend it’s all in honor of my birthday…some of it straight up is…the rest is a stretch… :)

1. Tara O’Connor, writer and artist extraordinare (and aka gingercurls) did an AWESOME original sketch for my birthday of Rogue with her costume nice and zipped up…something I’m sure most of you are aware is a serious pet peeve of mine.  Thank you Tara!  Check it out!  FYI – you can commission original work from Tara here.

I love the sound effect!

2.  There’s been some serious movement on my book…the revision is locked and we’re preparing to sub to publishers. Slow and steady wins the race let’s hope, but I do hope to have some solid updates soon.

3.  I did a fun birthday bit on She Has No Head! yesterday.  And already Matt Southworth is helping my wishes come to fruition.

4.  5 Minute Marvels did a special “Kelly Birthday Post” drawing of the Tiny Titans – they look awesome. Thanks guys!

5.  I also got a fantastic birthday sketch from my artist friend Ross Campbell…but I can’t show you guys that one yet as it relates to my novel.  Perhaps I’ll post a teaser as things start to develop on that front.  :)

comics, cake, champagne

6.  There were a few of my favorite things…namely…comics, cake, and champagne (all c’s…weird) to be had at my house…not to mention the beginnings of Season 5 of The Wire since the weather was hideously gross and I had no desire to leave the house…but really…what could be better than all of that?

All in all…not too damn bad.  Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes – and presents!

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