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So it’s pretty much ALWAYS awesome to be friends with Ross, but sometimes he really pulls out ALL the goddamn stops.

Some of you that frequent the blog regularly may remember this post, in which I talked a bit about some projects I was working on and wanted to work on, and one in particular that I conceived as a television show, but realizing nobody was going to let little ole me do a TV show, turned it into a novel. It’s the novel I wrote for this NaNo last November (you may remember my daily posts on that as well).

Tessa Battle and her axe The Black Dove by Kelly Thompson

Anyway, the sketch above was a quick little sketch that I did of the main character Tessa a long ways back.

Ross, who read the novel a few months back, for my birthday did the MOST GORGEOUS DRAWING EVER of Tessa.

Tessa Battle and her axe The Black Dove by Ross Campbell (and Kelly Thompson)

I am just in heaven over this. I have to tell you guys, ever since I started wanting to do comics as a teenager I always used to want to write and draw my own comics and graphic novels, but over the last six months, working with Stephanie, Ross, and Meredith (as well as a few other wonderful artists here and there) has made me realize how much I would rather have someone else fall in love with something of mine and breath their own life into it. It’s so damn rewarding I can barely describe it. Especially when I’ve been lucky enough to work with these insanely talented people.


(Even Tessa says so).