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Bonnie and Lola by Stephanie Hans

For any of you that may have missed it, we had some big news break this week – that The Girl Who Would Be King has been optioned to become a film!

Head on over to io9 to read all the details.

And if you’re interested in writing process and such, there’s a bit of a “spin off” piece on io9 that piggybacks off of one of my comments from the main piece. That’s here.

Of course we’re all sold out of limited edition hardbacks, but you can buy paperbacks and digital editions of TGWWBK on Amazon and B&N and digital only on iBooks.

Also, if you missed out on Storykiller, we still have limited edition signed/numbered hardbacks of those at the webstore and of course digital and paperback at Amazon. Enjoy and thanks for reading!


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An avid collector and THE GIRL WHO WOULD BE KING superfan purchased everything available from THE GIRL WHO WOULD BE KING book and Kickstarter campaign down to the last sticker and had it all mounted together into this amazing 90″ frame that has plates identifying each print and object, as well as a plate I signed for him.

Absolutely incredible.

Check out these pictures he sent me!

TGWWBK frame 1

TGWWBK frame 2

Just, wow.

It’s hard to believe that because of all the artists I have on board for my next book, STORYKILLER, its frame would be even more massive – as there will be probably double the number of signed prints alone!

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So…let’s take a look at the current review numbers for 2013!

On Amazon (US) we’ve got a staggering 150 reviews – a number I never even dreamed of getting a year ago when we put the book up on Amazon. Even better, we’ve maintained an amazing 4.5 rating!

On Amazon UK we have  8 reviews and a perfect 5.0 rating!

On Amazon CA (Canada) we have 5 reviews, but again, a perfect 5.0 rating!

On Amazon FR (France) we have only  1 review, but it’s 5 stars!

On Amazon IT (Italy) we have only 1 review, but a perfectly respectable 4 star rating.

On Amazon DE (Germany) we have only 1 review, but again, a perfectly respectable 4 star rating. (thanks to commenter and Marco on Facebook that corrected me that DE is actually Germany!

Amazon Japan, India, Estonia, Brazil, Australia, and Mexico have no reviews at this time.

Goodreads lists TGWWBK with 437 ratings and 106 reviews! Goodreads is a tough critic (generally in my opinion) but TGWWBK is holding strong at just under 4 stars (usually varying between 3.75 and 3.90).

You can also go to my SHINY NEW WEBSITE to check out some of my favorite quotes about TGWWBK from the last year and links to the full reviews.

Thank you to ALL OF YOU that made an effort to review and generally spread the word about the book. There are some really exciting things still to come for TGWWBK and the sequel, which I hope to have out in 2014.

AND…for those of you that may have missed the tweet or blog post about my new project STORYKILLER, I’ve got a new project headed your way in January 2014 – STORYKILLER. You can read a bit more about it here, and keep your eyes peeled for more information soon! If you’re not already on my general mailing list, feel free to shoot me an email at: 1979semifinalist[dot]com and I’ll make sure you’re added.

Happy New Year to you all!

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A fan made this amazing THE GIRL WHO WOULD BE KING skin for his Kindle. He sent me photos of it, and it was just too cool not to share!

Kindle Skin Back

Kindle Skin Front


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This is by Adam Greene and it is amazzzzing.

And keep in mind that fan art is ALWAYS WELCOME.

TGWWBK Fanart - Adam smaller

THE GIRL WHO WOULD BE KING is available in both digital and print (paperback) at AMAZON and BARNES & NOBLE.

It is also available digitally once again on for iBOOKS.

And I have a (very few) illustrated hardcovers left here.

We’re up to 143 reviews on Amazon (US) and maintain a 4.5 rating…what??? Amazing. There are another 13 reviews on various other non-US Amazon sites (UK, Canada, France), where the book generally maintains a 5 star rating (double what???).

Over on Goodreads we have 96 reviews and 391 ratings. Barnes & Noble has 4 ratings (but all 5 stars!)

It’s pretty much awesome, and THANKS TO ALL OF YOU who have helped make that possible!

Keep your eyes peeled for some awesome announcements in the months to come. :)


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The Girl Who Would Be King Cover

Some lovely new reviews, mentions, and such for THE GIRL WHO WOULD BE KING about the web!

The Refined Word gave me perhaps the most fantastic compliment I have ever received as a writer – I think I full on blushed.

Stephanie’s gorgeous cover art got picked for Infinite Curio’s “Cover of the Day” as well as About Happy Books “Cover Favorites” for 6/15/13!

Never Yet Melted calls TGWWBK the next Hunger Games here. (yes!)

The lovely Kimberly over at Love YA Books put yours truly on her list of Top 10 Authors That Deserve More Recognition and put TGWWBK on her list of Top 10 Beach Reads! Thank you Kimberly!

Claudia Lefeve (great name!) mentioned TGWWBK in her 5/31/13 GOOD READS post.

A good review by Henry Fung at Fraggin’ Civie.

We’re also up to an insane 119 Reviews on Amazon and still maintaining a fantastic 4.5/5.0 star rating and we’re up to 315 ratings and 85 reviews on GoodReads.

Thanks to all of you have that have taken the time to write reviews! And as always, if you write about the book on your blog or tumblr or some such, please shoot me a link…the web is a vast place, it’s hard to find everything!

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Google alert is sometimes good to me, so is twitter! It brought me this past week, two lovely pieces of THE GIRL WHO WOULD BE KING fan art, both for the Bravermans.

This Bonnie by Briana Mora (she did a gorgeous Lola LeFever for the fan art contest too) is gorgeous – looooove the eels as a framing/portrait device:

Bonnie Braverman by Briana Mora

The other, from the lovely Rachael Stephen, is of Bonnie’s mother, Scarlett Braverman, who nobody has drawn yet, not even Stephanie, Ross, or Meredith, so that is awesome!

Scarlett Braverman by Rachael Stephen

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I’ve been slowly tracking down and compiling all the awesome THE GIRL WHO WOULD BE KING reviews that have been popping up and so here we are! I’ve included a few of the negative reviews I’ve found, but not all of them.

If you know of a review (or wrote one) that you think I’ve missed, please feel free to leave it in the comments or shoot me an email and I’ll update it. These are in no particular order, though some of the more high profile ones are at the top. Thanks to all of you that have taken the time to write reviews – and to those of you on Amazon and Goodreads (all 142 reviewers combined thus far) – you guys rock!

io9 -“…the best superhero/villain pair in ages.”

USA Today – Pop Candy

Tim Hanley/Straitened Circumstances


Love YA Books

Poisoned Rationality

Bonni’s Book Reviews

Seeley James

Witless Prattle

Cait Spivey (The Preeminent Litterateur)

On The Nightstand

You Read What? (A.A. Omer)

A.A. Omer – Superhero Week

Dave Does The Blog

Comics! The Blog

Bookish In A Box

Faith, Hope, & Love, But The Greatest Of These…

TGWWBK also got a few badass mentions by awesome people on “Best of Lists” for 2012. :)

Whatley Dude

Seeley James

Karen Mahoney

Comics! The Blog: Inarguable Best of 2013 (“Best Novel Our Friend Published”)






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I have become greedy and thus as my stats “fall” on Amazon Kindle I find it “Lemon Grab-Level UNACCEPTABLE!”

Get out there and viral this puppy, kids so I can stop screaming UNACCEPTABLE (in my head…and sometimes out loud).

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Oh man…I had to update this! So I did this sketch again (and did a much better job – practice, yo!) – but most importantly Adam inked it for me – he’s SUCH A GOOD INKER. If this doesn’t show the power of a great inker I don’t know what does!

He also made some small drawing changes that super helped too. AMAZING. I’m in love with how it looks now and am going to pretend *I* did all by my lonesome! 😉

Pencils by Kelly Thompson, inks by Adam Greene

Felt the urge for some sketching this week. Did a fun one of Bonnie and Lola that I wanted to share with you all.

It’s also a great opportunity to remind you to BUY THE BOOK THE GIRL WHO WOULD BE KING.

You can buy digital and paperback copies on Amazon, and limited edition illustrated hardcovers (and cool swag) on TGWWBK website.

Also, if you’ve already purchased and read, but have not yet reviewed TGWWBK…get on that, son!

Crappy pencils AND inks by Kelly Thompson


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