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Fellow CBR Reviewer Ryan K. Lindsay runs this really great comics writing site called Thought Balloons with a handful of other gents.  Thought Balloons is a great writing experiment in which the contributing writers alternate weeks choosing a character and each prepares a one page script for that character and posts it.  The scripts posted can be an excerpt of a larger script, a standalone page, just about anything, so long as they are only one page.  It’s a great way to get feedback (writing in a vaccuum is one of the biggest challenges for any writer) and also to help keep the ideas freely flowing, which is key and very hard to maintain as a writer, especially as you try to break into the business.

This week Ryan asked me if I’d like to join them as a guest writer.  I of course jumped at the chance and on his suggestion gave Ryan a handful of characters I’d be especially pumped to write for.  Of those characters, Ryan picked Kate Kane/Batwoman, and today is Batwoman’s introduction on Thought Balloons and the debut of my page.

And because it’s always fun to show some Kate Kane art, here’s a Batwoman variant cover that I love from Amy Reeder.  A cover that apparently WILL NOT be hitting shelves anytime soon (it seems DC has cut back on variants and as such this cover won’t be used…such a shame).

via Robot 6



My good friend Tim Cummings has a book now available – Orphan Stories.

“Set in 1940s Florida, Middle America, Hollywood in the 70s, curious netherspheres between life and death, and deep inside the imaginations of characters whose greatest abundances are their emotions, the ten stories (and smattering of poems) in Cummings’s eclectic collection ‘Orphans’ evoke familiar and strange scenarios of love, loss, heartbreak, humor, spirituality, sexuality, and the quelling of violence. An unhappy housewife mired by the ravages of war fantasizes about killing her own daughter. An unlikely couple in the heart of Americana is brought together by strange sparks of magic trapped in a horoscopes column. The dark but achingly honest confessions of a Hollywood icon’s emotionally deranged son cause him to band together with like-minded misfits. A play about a sweet, sickly little boy illuminates a weird world of living, corporeal dolls that gently dance him to his imminent death. And there is more. In this refreshingly unpredictable assortment of short stories, poems, plays, and screenplays, a strong and imaginative new voice in American literature spins a majestic web of people, places, relationships, and situations.”

You can buy it in either print or digital editions, now.

If you like creative short fiction and want to support artists that are paving their own way, rather than wading through the (I can assure you exhausting) traditional publishing machine, I urge you to get your copy now.  Mine’s in the mail.  Congratulations Tim!  :)

Every once in a while I enjoy some funny bit of writing so much that writing wins out over art and takes panel of the week (or in this case, page of the week).  This is from Kieron Gillen’s Uncanny X-Men #535.  The art, which is lovely as always, but not some crazy mindblowing something (talking heads rarely are) is Terry and Rachel Dodson.

I just love Dr. Nemesis* and his bitchy little better than everyone else attitude…which must just be a thing I like, because it’s one of the reasons I enjoy Emma Frost so much as well.   In fact, it might just be the writer in me knowing how deliciously fun those characters are to write.  Suffice to say that when Dr. Nemesis and Emma trade witty bitchy barbs I am in HEAVEN.  Anyway, Gillen nails it here, as Dr. Nemesis talks to Magneto in a way almost nobody talks to Magneto.  I love when comics are fun.  LOOOOVE IT.

Bonus points for use of “Nazis”, “Science sticks”, “Foolish Space Tin”, and referring to Cyclops as “The one-eyed visir” all in one awesome page.  HI-LARIOUS.

click to enbiggen!

PS – Ross, this is Dr. Nemesis!  😉

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Head on over to Comics Should Be Good and check out the latest She Has No Head! – a look at part two of my 20 Favorite Female Comics Creators!

Kate Beaton's sassy and surly Wonder Woman

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That’s right, for my 20 Favorite Female Comics Creators of 2010, part one post, Jezebel has reprinted the article. Woo!

Part two will be up on Jezebel next Monday (as well as on CSBG via my She Has No Head! column, as usual at noon eastern).

So check it out everyone…as I’m such a huge fan of Jezebel this is very cool…in fact I’m trying not to squee myself out of my chair.

And thanks for the opportunity Jezebel!


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A new She Has No Head! is up.  Part one of a two part look at 20 of my favorite female comics creators of 2010.  Check it out!

Lucy Knisley's Wonder Women

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6245 words / 21 pages

Had a brutal headache all day which threw a serious wrench in my NaNo progress, but I got a lot of other stuff done and nearly crossed everything off my weekly to do list including tons of not so fun podcast research and “development”, so it’s hard to feel too badly, even though I’m about 10,000 words behind on NaNo at this point. Hopefully this week will be productive.

A new She Has No Head! is up, an interview with comics creator, writer, and artist Brian Wood, about his Wildstorm series DV8.

So after a very long year of revision to my novel, I can now say that I am officially agented by the truly excellent Steven Malk of Writer’s House.  Additionally, my novel THE GIRL WHO WOULD BE KING is on submission to publishers right now.  We’re aiming for the stars with some really HUGE publishers…so it will take some crazy luck and some people falling in love to get a sale, but I’m optimistic it can happen as I really love my book thanks to all the time and effort Steve and I put into it over the last year.

So yeah, I’ve been keeping things WAY under wraps on the book and here we are…now you know why…because the title is AWESOME.  :)

The Girl Who Would Be King is a YA (young adult) novel about two teenage girls with superpowers.  They’re concerned with all the normal teen things like finding themselves and falling in love but they’re also busy learning about their superpowers, and you know…trying to kill each other.

Anyway, the process could be fast or slow at this point.  Selling a book can take from a day to never.  Let’s all hope it’s closer to the former than the latter.

Thanks everyone for your support and encouragement.  Let’s become HUGE so you can be all “I was a fan of Kelly and 1979 Semi-Finalist when she was NOBODY…a broke ass nobody!”

So…that’s what’s been going on with me.  You?

So, nonplussed is a word I love.  As in, “Kelly was totally nonplussed by the whole situation.”  And in this sentence I would have intended it to mean “unfazed”.

I was using nonplussed in a piece I was writing, but wanted to look it up…I’m not sure why, because it’s a word that’s meaning I was confident I knew, but for whatever reason I did look it up.  And now, because of my stupid need to look stuff up I learned that the TRUE meaning on nonplussed is this:

“1. surprised,stunned, dumbfounded, confounded, taken aback, disconcerted, thrown, thrown off balance; puzzled, perplexed, mystified, baffled, bemused, bewildered; informal fazed, flummoxed, stumped, bamboozled, discombobulated.”

Which is the exact OPPOSITE of the other meaning (the one I’ve been using all these years):

“2.  unperturbed, unruffled, unfazed, composed.”

So, truly confused now, I read this:

In standard use, nonplussed means ‘surprised and confused’:  In American English, a new use has developed in recent years, meaning ‘unperturbed’—more or less the opposite of its traditional meaning: : hoping to disguise his confusion, he tried to appear nonplussed. This new use probably arose on the assumption that non- was the normal negative prefix and must therefore have a negative meaning. Although the use is common, it is not yet considered standard.

So basically this means that I have not only been using this word technically wrong for my entire adult life thus far, but also that a word I love, I cannot continue to use, unless I just want to be considered an ignorant American that doesn’t understand how prefixes work and doesn’t care about the rest of the world and the realities of what words really mean.

Can I just say?  SONOFABITCH!

Oh, and “Kelly finds herself completely nonplussed by this new god damn discovery.”

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