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So this is the first official announcement that I’ll be headed back to Kickstarter in January (a month from today in fact – 1/20/14) with a new book called STORYKILLER.

I’m really excited about this project, and I hope you guys will be too. I have some absolutely incredible artists on board to do illustrations for the project (even though like THE GIRL WHO WOULD BE KING, the book is prose) and I’m super excited to share all of this with you.

Stay tuned for more news and developments.

For now, HERE is a teaser. Enjoy!



Hey, Kids!3 Chicks Blue Brown Final2sized

So, in addition to 3 Chicks being on hiatus December as I’m away for the month and in a location with absolutely terrible internet service (or certainly service well below that needed for podcasting) there are going to be some more changes forthcoming.

The big change is that Sue and I are going to take 3 Chicks off of Podomatic. It’s just become too expensive and while 3 Chicks has brought me many things, most notably a chance to interview and connect with some of the best creators in the business, it has not only not made me one red cent, but has cost me more and more money ever since we began in 2010. Seriously, hundreds of dollars over the last few years thanks to hosting at Podomatic and software upgrades and the like.

When I was working a full time job this wasn’t such a hardship, but since I’m a full time freelancer these days money is tight, and the renewal fees to host on Podomatic this year, since we have such a significant back catalog, are just enormous. Excessive, really.

So, yeah. We’re looking into other options, most likely going to host with a friend and then over time, get our RSS Feed under control and get us up on iTunes. I don’t THINK we’re going to have any downtime beyond the planned December hiatus, and the cast should remain easily downloadable as an .mp3 file even if it takes a bit of time to get us up on iTunes, but I ask that you bear with us.

Any other podcasters out there that want to offer advice, I’m all ears.

Any designers out there that want to re-design the 3 Chicks logo (which we have been in need of badly since day one) hit me up. I’m planning to do it myself, but I hated the first logo I did so I don’t know why a new one will be any different!

Thanks for your patience all!


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A fan made this amazing THE GIRL WHO WOULD BE KING skin for his Kindle. He sent me photos of it, and it was just too cool not to share!

Kindle Skin Back

Kindle Skin Front


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This is by Adam Greene and it is amazzzzing.

And keep in mind that fan art is ALWAYS WELCOME.

TGWWBK Fanart - Adam smaller

THE GIRL WHO WOULD BE KING is available in both digital and print (paperback) at AMAZON and BARNES & NOBLE.

It is also available digitally once again on for iBOOKS.

And I have a (very few) illustrated hardcovers left here.

We’re up to 143 reviews on Amazon (US) and maintain a 4.5 rating…what??? Amazing. There are another 13 reviews on various other non-US Amazon sites (UK, Canada, France), where the book generally maintains a 5 star rating (double what???).

Over on Goodreads we have 96 reviews and 391 ratings. Barnes & Noble has 4 ratings (but all 5 stars!)

It’s pretty much awesome, and THANKS TO ALL OF YOU who have helped make that possible!

Keep your eyes peeled for some awesome announcements in the months to come. :)


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Covers of the week for 10/09/13.

Mainstream: I love that this cover feels anything but mainstream. This gorgeous entry for Avengers Arena #20 by Francesco Francavilla is badass in its retro-ness. Honestly, Fracavilla has done some great covers but I think this is my favorite by far. Love it:


Independent: Though I didn’t love the first issue of Coffin Hill, this cover by Dave Johnson is awesome (and the title design most especially – not sure who’s responsible for that?):



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Last week’s cover of the week:

Mainstream: I love this alt cover by Stuart Immonen for All-New X-Men #17. It’s so not a traditional superhero cover and I like that they did their best to let the unconventionally awesome illustration speak for itself in how they approached the titles and even the chapter notation (etc.). I’d still like it better with less words on the cover, but it’s pretty awesome overall:


Independent: Ming Doyle’s gorgeous final cover for Brian Wood (and Ming Doyle’s) Mara mini-series – Mara #6 – gorgeous use of negative space, and limited colors. Love it:


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These are always fun and I haven’t done one in…ever? Saw it over at Poisoned Rationality where THE GIRL WHO WOULD BE KING was mentioned as one of her “Hidden Gem” books – THANK YOU! :)

AUTHOR YOU’VE READ THE MOST BOOKS FROM: Hmmm. Hard one right off the bat. As an adult I don’t read an “entire author’s collection” much, mostly just because I have so many books on my to read list it takes me a while to get around to reading multiples. I’ve read three or four from Neil Gaiman (plus all his middle grade stuff), I’ve read about half a dozen Anne Rice books, and I’ve read Suzanne Collins HUNGER GAMES trilogy at least twice. But if I look at my whole reading life it’s probably Christopher Pike. I devoured those puppies (dozens of them?) as a teenager – and many of them still hold up on adult re-reads FINAL FRIENDS TRILOGY forever, yo!

BEST SEQUEL EVER: Woo. Another tough one. Again, as an adult I don’t read series near as much, though as  an adult I’ve begun exploring more YA and as a result I’ve dipped my toe in more series/sequel books (I haven’t been that impressed with most of them quite frankly). I do think maybe Susanne Collins CATCHING FIRE was one of the best sequels I’ve read, if only because after re-reading HUNGER GAMES last year before the film came out I finished it and immediately had to pick up CATCHING FIRE and tore through it in a day. So yeah, I’ll go with CATCHING FIRE – Peeta forever, yo! (now I’m going to have to end all of these with yo!)

CURRENTLY READING: Always more than one. Re-reading Mary Shelley’s FRANKENSTEIN, finally started Larsson’s THE GIRL WHO PLAYED WITH FIRE, and I also picked up Jo Nesbo’s NEMESIS yesterday. Really feeling the “detective fiction” thing these days. Speaking of detective stories, did you guys see PRISONERS?  SO GOOD.

DRINK OF CHOICE WHILE READING: In the cold months, coffee preferably with some French Vanilla creamer and a bit of sugar. In the brutal hot horrible miserable months, Vitamin Water Zero (Go-Go flavor) partially frozen from being in the freezer. It’s a whole THING, don’t ask.

E-READER OR PHYSICAL BOOK: I will never give up on physical books, I LOVE them. But I confess that the convenience of the e-reader, having a whole library at my fingertips is and the immediacy is getting more and more appealing. It’s especially awesome when it’s a huge heavy print book (i.e. wishing I had gotten both Susan Palwick’s giant SHELTER and Joe Hill’s giant NOS4A2 on Kindle instead of print…so heavy.)


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Yeesh. Sorry guys. Things have been…things.

But Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky’s cover to Sex Criminals #1 from Image is enough to rouse even the dead:



Anyway, to be honest, there’s nothing from the Marvel/DC side really worthy of cover of the week. I like the Young Avengers cover, it came the closest, but it’s just not quite there. DC is utter crap in covers as we FINALLY emerge from “Villains Month” from here on out known as “Hell Month” or maybe “Utter Waste of Time & Money Month”…you get the picture.

Anyway, more Sex Criminals covers please! :)

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Amazing, it’s a day of release post. How is it possible???

Rules: one cover from the “mainstream” (i.e. DC/Marvel) and one cover from the “indies” (i.e. anything NOT DC/Marvel).

From the mainstream we have a gorgeous watercolor offering from Dustin Nguyen for the print release of Batman: Li’l Gotham #5. SO GORGEOUS:

Batman Lil Gotham 5

From the indie side, we have the triumphant return of Saga, with Saga #13. Fiona Staples continues to just deliver the most fascinating and wildest covers around. So simple and yet so brilliant. Also…baby Hazel with her horns! Love it:


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Rules: one cover from the “mainstream” (i.e. DC/Marvel) and one cover from the “indies” (i.e. anything NOT DC/Marvel).

I sort of broke the rules this week. But not really.

Let’s explain. This week I used Jeff Lemire’s gorgeous Trillium #1 from Vertigo for our mainstream corner on the technicality that it’s technically DC…this might have been okay, except for last week I did just the opposite, justifying that Vertigo counted as indie, so I could put up Nathan Fox’s Collider #1.

But this is the benefit of running your own damn blog. I MAKE ALL THE RULES! AND RULES THEY ARE MADE TO BE BROKEN (or something).

Trillium #1

In the indie corner this week we have Abe Sapien #5 from Dark Horse by Max Fiumara. Gorgeous stuff. I ALMOST went with Image’s Sheltered #2 by John Christmas, but I didn’t love the arbitrary way that the trees just turned into black…didn’t quite work. Very cool otherwise though:


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