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Sue and I have gotten a ton of questions over the last few months about when 3 Chicks will be back, and for those that suspected its demise, requests for Sue and I to revive 3 Chicks.

So we are indeed trying to revive it!

I return to NYC this month after a long stint away due to my Kickstarter fulfillment and Sue and I have been “making plans” — talking about creators we’d like to interview, rotating guest hosts we’d like to join us, and some small format changes that I think you’ll all enjoy. We even have a GORGEOUS new logo courtesy of the wonderful Caanan Grall:

3 Chicks Logo 2 - BlueHowever, to get us all the way back up and running, we will need YOUR help. Yes, YOU can help resuscitate 3 Chicks.

We’ve changed podcast hosting services from Podomatic, (which I was very frustrated with) over to Podbean. But to get us up and running there, we need about $250 for hosting services (this should cover a year). I have been paying for 3 Chicks since inception and it’s cost me, well, WAY more than $250 per year, but unfortunately as a freelance writer I’m just not in a position to cover that anymore. And this is what it will take to get us back up and running and hopefully better than ever.So if you guys want 3 Chicks back, show your love and throw some bucks our way.

There’s a handy little donate button right over to your left. Click it and you can donate any amount you like toward getting 3 Chicks back up and running.If we can get the funds, expect the first new episode later this month!

Thanks as always for your support and here’s to 3 Chicks 4EVA! 😉

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Hey, Kids!3 Chicks Blue Brown Final2sized

So, in addition to 3 Chicks being on hiatus December as I’m away for the month and in a location with absolutely terrible internet service (or certainly service well below that needed for podcasting) there are going to be some more changes forthcoming.

The big change is that Sue and I are going to take 3 Chicks off of Podomatic. It’s just become too expensive and while 3 Chicks has brought me many things, most notably a chance to interview and connect with some of the best creators in the business, it has not only not made me one red cent, but has cost me more and more money ever since we began in 2010. Seriously, hundreds of dollars over the last few years thanks to hosting at Podomatic and software upgrades and the like.

When I was working a full time job this wasn’t such a hardship, but since I’m a full time freelancer these days money is tight, and the renewal fees to host on Podomatic this year, since we have such a significant back catalog, are just enormous. Excessive, really.

So, yeah. We’re looking into other options, most likely going to host with a friend and then over time, get our RSS Feed under control and get us up on iTunes. I don’t THINK we’re going to have any downtime beyond the planned December hiatus, and the cast should remain easily downloadable as an .mp3 file even if it takes a bit of time to get us up on iTunes, but I ask that you bear with us.

Any other podcasters out there that want to offer advice, I’m all ears.

Any designers out there that want to re-design the 3 Chicks logo (which we have been in need of badly since day one) hit me up. I’m planning to do it myself, but I hated the first logo I did so I don’t know why a new one will be any different!

Thanks for your patience all!


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A new piece of mine went up on Lit Reactor if you missed it, it’s inspired by the Orson Scott Card/DC thing, but it’s mostly an open discussion about where you draw the line between creator and what they create. Head on over and retweet/comment at will!

I wrote a few reviews for CBR this week. I really liked A+X #5, especially Kathryn Immonen and David LaFuente’s hilarious (and gorgeous) Doop + Iron Fist team up. $3.99 is still really expensive for two 10-page short stories, but it was pretty fucking good.

I also reviewed My Little Pony #4 – which I liked but didn’t fall in love with, and Red She-Hulk #63 which continues to miss for me, unfortunately. :(

Oh! And a new 3 Chicks podcast went up on Monday on CSBG…give it a listen. We definitely talk about SANDWICHES!



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Make sure you check out 3 Chicks Review Comics this week as we’ve got the absolutely delightful Brian Wood joining us for a big interview. There’s also some juicy information after the credits about a special project I’m working on. Enjoy!

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A new 3 Chicks Review Comics is up with a double-sized interview with the delightful Kelly Sue DeConnick. Check it out!

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There’s a new 3 Chicks Review Comics up on CSBG. Head on over to hear reviews of Rachel Rising #7, B.P.R.D. Hell On Earth: The Long Death #3, as well as an interview with the uber talented Saga artist Fiona Staples.

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After far too long a hiatus, Sue and I are back with a new 3 Chicks Review Comics and a very special guest star – novelist and comics writer Marjorie Liu! We also have an all new Chick of the Week, two new comic book reviews, and a whole slew of chit chat to get caught up on!

Head on over and check it out, or subscribe via iTunes so you never miss an episode.

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A new 3 Chicks Review Comics is up! Sue and I do an advance review of Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples’ Saga #1. We also talk about Grace Randolph’s Supurbia #1. And then there’s a “magical question bonus round!”


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A new 3 Chicks Review Comics is up!

In this episode we review two great Dark Horse books – Conan The Barbarian #1 by Brian Wood and Becky Cloonan and the new B.P.R.D. by Mignola, Arcudi, and Harren.  We also interview the lovely Faith Erin Hicks about her new book Friends With Boys.  Sue picks Chick of the Week and we both chat about a variety of things, including the craziness that came out of my last She Has No Head! column. Check it out!


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A new 3 Chicks Review Comics is up on CSBG

Inside this episode we review Faith Erin Hicks’ Friends With Boys, Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips’ Fatale #2.  Ross Campbell joins us to talk about Glory and his creator owned work Wet Moon and Shadoweyes – among other things.  Chick of the week is a lady who has impressed me to no end with only 5 issues under her belt!

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