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I wrote an essay of sorts for THE MARY SUE about my love for Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and Buffy specifically and how she is (and was) a feminist touchstone for me as a writer and fan and how her existence in the world helps make my own Tessa Battle (of STORYKILLER!) possible.

If you like any of the words above, head on over to The Mary Sue and check out the piece. People seem to be vibing it. :)

Also, we are ALMOST at 30k – which will mean FIRST STRETCH GOAL REACHED!

Come and help put us over the edge, will ya?



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Sorry for the lateness on this one kids, but as you know, the Kickstarter blew the hell up today with awesomeness (we fully funded in under 30 hours!) and are now cruising wonderfully past that. And there are still locked artists rewards to reveal and everything. It’s just awesome.

And a huge thanks to so many of you that donated, supported, and spread the word. You guys are almost as badass as Lola 😉

So, I thought a lot about which amazing and inspirational superheroine should start this off, and after much thought I went with Buffy (of Buffy The Vampire Slayer ‘natch)…she was of course MY biggest superheroine influence and is in large part responsible for Bonnie, Lola, and The Girl Who Would Be King in general.

So, thanks Buffy (and Joss!)…here’s to you!

Buffy by Phil Noto

By Phil Noto via Your Nice New Outfit

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Very long fucking day, but I still managed to get 1,776, which brings the MS total to 40,324.  Excited to have broken 40k.

Inspirational image for something I wrote about tonight:

So it's just a pop culture reference that will probably end up getting deleted, but any chance to post an image of James Marsters as Spike should not be squandered.

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So I stumbled across this awesome post about the White Swan/Black Swan game months ago (January?) thanks to my beloved Jezebel, and bookmarked it because I enjoyed it so much.  In cleaning up my bookmarks today, I ran across it and chuckled all over again.

I’ve decided to share it mostly because I wanted to do my own “White Swan/Black Swan” pairing, thanks to a recent random rekindling of my longtime love (or obsession, whatever!) of Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

But enough talk..!

Also, because it’s maybe the hottest 7 seconds of television I’ve ever seen, here you go…


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