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Make sure to come by She Has No Head! today to get a look at exclusive preview pages of Shadoweyes In Love as well as never seen before Shadoweyes artwork.  As if that isn’t enough…we’ve got a CONTEST!  That’s right, win original artwork and a copy of Shadoweyes Volume 1…!

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Now’s your chance!

Nick Marino of AudioShocker very kindly let me guest star on his superfun weekly podcast with Wetmoon and Shadoweyes creator Ross Campbell and Nick’s his dulcet toned girlfriend Justique as they talked about X-Men The Animated Series, Season One, Episode 2 (we talked about other things too, but I was mostly there as the nostalgic counter point to tearing the animated series to pieces).

Part 1 went up today, and because I can’t shut up, there will be a part 2, going up on Saturday October 9th.  Check them out if you’ve been dying to get more of me (I mean, who isn’t?!).

Nick, Justique, and Ross are planning to watch and discuss the entire series (good luck dudes) and I’ll be popping in from time to time because who doesn’t want to be the “guest star”?


Ah, animated series Rogue, my first love.


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My copy of Shadoweyes finally arrived (which I ordered months ago on Amazon).  And it is BEAUTIFUL.

I immediately sat down and read it again.  And it’s even more wonderful reading it in print, than the digital advance copy I was lucky enough to see months ago.  If you want to know more about Shadoweyes, I wrote a review (and there are exclusive preview pages) on She Has No Head!, here.

There’s also an interview with Ross Campbell here, and an in-depth creator spotlight here.  I’m a huge fan, and reading this book can help you know why – it’s my favorite of his work to date – by a significant margin.  Make sure to check it out!

You can buy Shadoweyes at SLG here, on Amazon here, at Barnes & Noble here, or at your local comic book store.

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