you’ve been given a direct order…

to vote for Anis Mojgani on famecast this week…

the title of this post is actually the title of one of Anis’ lighter pieces, and one of my favorites.  i write this post for two reasons, 1) because Anis is the best spoken word poet out there and he needs all the support i can rally for him over on Famecast, and 2) because just having Anis’ name on my blog raises my blog views.  at least once a day (more like ten times a day) someone comes to this blog becuase they use the search term “anis mojgani”.  he is IT my friends.  and you should check him out, so you can see what IT is all about.

Anis is currently in the final five over on Famecast (and up for the 10k first prize – a hell of a lot of cash for a poet).  please help him get it, not only because he deserves it, but because you will be better for going to Famecast today and listening to Anis’ words.  i actually defy you to go there and listen and NOT be moved.  i’m not sure it’s possible.  even if you don’t think you like spoken word…give Anis a try.  what he does is not just poetry, it’s not just spoken word, it’s not JUST anything, and the shit can change your life, or at least how you think about your life.   

all five poets in the finals are talented, but Anis is it.  please, go check him out and VOTE!

here’s what to do…

go here:

create an account (or log in if you already have an account) and check out the spoken word poets (stage 9).  and vote for Anis.  that is all.


this is a picture of Anis.


  1. kfugrip’s avatar

    Kelly’s right. Anis is the man. He will rock your balls off with his poems. If you don’t have balls then listening to his poems will cause you to grow balls, but then they will be rocked off moments later by his poems. So, go there, experience the ball-rocking poems of Anis and vote for him.

  2. thejamminjabber’s avatar

    Hahaha, I would never have considered poetry to be “ball rocking,” but that thieving bastard Adam is right. I felt bad because I just missed the voting last time around and then when I watched the video I felt guilty. But thankfully Anis moved on without my vote and I was one of the first in line to cast it for the finals. Good luck!

  3. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    awesome. thanks for the vote!

    i’m glad you find him as incredible as we do – remember to come out next time he’s in town – it is a mind blowing experience.

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