Anis Mojgani – Artist of the Week

Who better to kick off my Artist of the Week feature than my good friend and amazing artist ANIS MOJGANI.  Anis’ book Over The Anvil We Stretch is finally being released (I feel like I’ve been waiting for centuries) this week. 

October 15th is the official launch date and you can find it here, as well as on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and strangely – Target.  I have not yet had the opportunity to peruse the book (where’s my advance copy for reviewing Anis!?) but based on Anis’ poetry (slam and otherwise) which I’ve talked about here often before, and his drawing skills, which many have not been exposed to  but which are, I assure you, awesome, I’m sure the book will be as amazing as I’ve been dreaming it will be.

So pick up a copy of Over The Anvil We Stretch now, and while you’re getting the book buy a few of his cd’s etc.  If I was disciplined enough to make myself listen to his cd (Live: Seattle 2005) everytime I felt my creative energy ebb away I would never lose it – because Anis and his work are inspiring like few other things are. 

If you want to learn more about Anis you can also check out his surprisingly epic Wikipedia page.

As an awesome sidenote – I found, weeks after Anis crashed on our couch while in New York, little black and white drawings that he worked on for his book, both on my computer and under my couch.  It was like finding little treasure left by a miniature Santa Claus that I could actually believe in…and no Anis, you cannot have them back…