Another JILTED LEAGUE Teaser Preview…

So I promise I’m off working hard dear readers, it just takes time to put together something fantastically new (or in this case, ten years old but never fully tried…!).  Anyway, behold!  Some new teaser images for THE JILTED LEAGUE…coming soon to this blog…world domination next!



This is a major villain our heroes will face…The Supermodel.  The Supermodel’s sidekick is “Regular Model”…trust me, it’s hilarious.


In honor of the new BOND coming out this week, I thought I’d post a sketch I did for a future issue in which 007 calls in sick and Brain is tapped as his temporary replacement…her code name?  00Pi.


This one gives you an idea of the girls’ “special” relationship.


And this one I just like.  Maybe if you’re all very good I’ll do some COLOR images for next time.  I know, I know, COLOR…heaven forbid.  Stay tuned!  And a special shout out to Anna Paquin and Mila Kunis who have almost single handedly kept this blog in awesome daily hit numbers.  Thanks girls – I owe you one.


  1. TK42ONE’s avatar

    Yeah! More hot babes! It’s like a half-off sale at Victoria’s Secret. And the Super Model and Regular Model? I’m laughing already.

  2. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    I’m so glad someone other than me is laughing at Supermodel and regular model…it totally cracks me up.

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