New Header Friday!

Yay! What do we think?  Anyone?  Anyone?


old header




  1. Shannon’s avatar

    Very cool :) One thought: the brown text is a bit distracting to me, have you tried lowering the transparency on it so it falls backward and the image and blue text can sort of be the “in yo face” thang?

  2. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    This is why it’s great to have designer/artist friends. I was thinking the same thing. It’s blue text is actually much darker in my original, but when I post it to the blog it shows up a much lighter and harder to read. I’d already gone in and tweaked the original a bit and just did a little more after your comment. I’ll post the updated version now…

  3. Shannon’s avatar

    yah.. diggin’ the darker blue. :) I love the typeface.. did you make it?

  4. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    Shannon: No way, type faces are WAY beyond me. It’s called Pussycat I think (blech – but whatever). :)

  5. Paul’s avatar

    Looking sweet and eye-catching! Great colors for it, too.

  6. k’s avatar

    i voted, but i want you to know i like it but, i want to see something totally new, i want to challenge you and your art skills, i want to see you push it to a new level. what ever you choose i will love no matter what.

  7. TK42ONE’s avatar

    Hey, I’m always game for more Cleveland. But I like the faded font in the back too. Makes it look more like a super hero logo.

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