WTF Is Up With Rogue’s Costume?!

rogue wtf

From X-men Legacy Annual #1 – which promises a BOLD NEW DIRECTION!

Bold new direction my ass.

Looks like the same old misogynistic bullshit to me.

I mean, SERIOUSLY?  I am so tired of this shit.

Just because a girl got some control of her borderline deadly skin touch, does not mean she’s all, “OH, YOU KNOW WHAT? I WILL SERIOUSLY UNZIP MY NEW OUTFIT TO SOMEWHERE BELOW MY BOOBS…FOR THE ENTIRE ISSUE!”

C’mon people, it’s shit like this that makes me wonder why the hell I’m still bothering with superhero comics.

Also, as I’ve discussed before in my Catwoman post this outfit is like physically impossible.  I know comics require a certain suspension of disbelief, but this is the kind of crap that just pushes me over the edge – that zipper would have to be governed by otherworldy forces or some kind of magic to stay in that position for one panel, let alone the whole issue.  The pressure of those massive boobs on a zipper?  Just going to unzip the whole damn thing. Which is maybe the point, which is even MORE annoying.  Also, there’s a difference between an outfit designed a bit low cut or showing some cleav, and one that the character actively CHOOSES to wear ZIPPED DOWN TO THEIR STOMACH.  C’MON!!!!

Hey comic book artists!  These are the kind of things that make people think you’ve never touched (or even seen?) real boobs. Get a freaking clue.

This crap keeps setting us back.  Marvel, please take a note, are you ready?  UR DOING IT WRONG.


  1. Nate’s avatar

    It is good to hear your voice from the perspective of a fan.

    You also touch on a secondary issue that I have thought many times and find important to graphic art story telling:
    A good comic story takes the fantastic (mutations, super heroes, fables,whatever) and marries it with what is believable (fact, gripping plot, good mental reasoning, fantastic dialog) – to make a better story. When a story fails to do the latter, the former then just looks stupid.
    Put a person in a costume because there’s a REASON for the costume.
    Put a person in an adolescent fantasy dress and you’ve gone from great to mediocre.

  2. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    Nate: Yeah, I love the hell out of Rogue. And don’t get me wrong, she’s got a great rack, but it’s not in her character to wear this outfit. AT ALL. Now, you put Emma in this outfit and I wouldn’t have batted an eye.

    The secondary reason is a problem I constantly have with comics. There’s a huge suspension of belief asked for on the part of the readers in comics, and in my experience writers and artist are not near as sensitive to the small things that help make the larger things more believable as they need to be.

    Case in point, a ridiculous costume that this character would never wear unzipped to her stomach. :)

  3. ross’s avatar

    i’m at the point where i’m just laughing at this kind of thing now. i don’t know if that’s good or bad.

    also, what is up with her strange short sleeve/glove/sliver of arm skin thing? not that people don’t wear short sleeves obviously, and Rogue would obviously put on long gloves, but… why not just design the costume with full sleeves? that band of skin is like RIGHT where somebody would hit if she accidentally bumped into them in the Xavier School hallway. XD

    i’m also concerned because there’s an X symbol that is halved by the plunging zipper, except there’s no other half of the emblem on the other side…

  4. Hannah’s avatar

    Well I think at this point she has full control and it is similair to the leather one she wore in the 3rd film. Plus Rogue is a character who loves sex appeal, her clothes may cover her body but they always but the focus on the body, it’s like Geisha make up where you get a silver of skin and that makes men more aware of her being naked under it. Plus it could just be that she’s enjoying being able to that with, if my assumption is correct, freedom and if i’m wrong then she has a built in anti perv system, I don’t find it that out of character for her

  5. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    Ross: Yeah, that is a whole other problem – the fact that the X is not realized on the other side of the unzipped portion.

    Since it seems like she pretty much has control of her powers now (though we don’t know much concentration it takes or the details of such) I don’t mind the whole sliver of arm skin and long gloves thing, mostly because I think it’s kind of hot while still being demure (much like I feel about the unnecessary scarf – ridiculous choice for a superhero costume – that shit would get caught on everything – but it looks really good so I try to forgive it).

    Hannah: Thanks for stopping by and for commenting! As I said above, I don’t mind the arm sliver of skin thing. But do you realize how low that zipper is unzipped – it is BELOW her boobs? I don’t have a problem with some cleavage or something low cut, and I agree that Rogue has always been a sexy character (although I think that’s more what we as an audience project onto her because she’s unattainable, than how she really is or was originally conceived) but she’s trying to be a legitimate grown up superhero and is having a serious conversation with Scott Summers…Cyclops…long time leader of the X-Men…older brother figure to her…and she’s got her suit unzipped BELOW her boobs…on purpose? Also, the conversation they’re having is about her being a role model and helping the younger students.

    How do they have this conversation when she’s got her top unzipped?

    Yeah, it’s really not working for me. I tried, but no.

    Also, I acknowledge no 3rd X-Men film…I have no idea what you’re talking about…what 3rd film? 😉

  6. ross’s avatar

    oh, i guess i didn’t know Rogue had more control over her powers now… i’m so out of the loop, i don’t know what’s going on anymore.

    i’m trying to imagine Scott and Rogue having a serious discussion with her cleavage RIGHT THERE, heh. Scott: “so, the uh, that’s the uh, point, that it… the point is …sorry, what…?”

    haha, everybody hates X-Men 3, but it’s by far my favorite one!!!!!! XD

  7. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    Ross: Yeah, it happened recently. It was stupid. I guess I’m not really a fan of her getting her powers under control. Which is a little jerky of me. It was an arc in X-Men Legacy that explored it and while they did devote time to it – several issues of Rogue exploring her past and confronting it an effort learn about herself or some such. It was not good. And the result was, she magically has control over her powers. Something she hasn’t been able to do in what, twenty years of trying? I think they did try to make it considered, but it just rang false to me. For whatever reason they wanted her to have control and so they built this little boring story around it…but I guess that just goes to my not liking the version of Rogue that gets written these days anyway.

    Yeah, that’s my issue with that zipper…how do you look Scott in the eye and not have him go “Uh, do you know your costume is unzipped to like UNDER your boobs? It’s weird…can you uh…zip it up please…you’re a role model for chrissake.”

    In the hopes of keeping our friendship alive I’m going to pretend you didn’t just say that about X-Men 3… :)

  8. acespot’s avatar

    You ask how they can have the conversation with Rogue dressed like she is.


    Just draw a line from Scott’s eyes to where they’re obviously focused and you’ll see.

    THAT’S how they have this conversation!

  9. mike’s avatar

    I do have to add that if the artist never saw a pair of breast in there life. Then what the hell do you get off saying that, and I do quote… they do see the whole girl naked to draw her, and now for your lack of knowledge in the department of art is low.
    To show Rogue this way is to grab the men and lesbian crowed to her breast so that they think its nice, or one luck persons hard on for Rouge.

    So when A person like Rouge covers her body with clothing. There is a reason as to say that if touched you die or are drained of your

    Just look at this picture and you will see a damn sex appeal.


  10. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    @acespot: You’re right – I didn’t even notice that (blinded by boobs I suppose) but he’s looking right at her chest. Wow. Even more ridiculous.

    @Mike: I’d love to respond to this…but, and I’m not trying to be a dick here…I have no idea what you’re saying. The comment is basically unreadable. If English is not your first language…that is certainly understandable…I would certainly never try to post in another language as nobody would understand me…if English is your first language…then, well, I suggest you get off the internet and work on your English so that people can understand you when you communicate.

    The one thing I think I understand is that you’re saying I don’t know how art …or art school works or something, but having graduated from ART SCHOOL, I guess I’d have to disagree with that a bit.

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