She Has No Head! – The Boob Window That Just Won’t Die

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    someday i’ll have something profound to add to these conversations, i swear! heh, this Robert Lee dude in the comments thread. -_-

    i think in a recent podcast i did i expressed being pro-boob-window, i hope you don’t hate me! XD

  2. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    Don’t worry…I think everything profound has already been said somewhere. There’s nothing profound left to say.

    I could never hate you. And I’m also not anti-boob-window per se. I mean, I don’t like it because it seems silly, and if I was in charge I’d tell Amanda Conner to have at a redesign, but it’s not the boob window that really bothers me – it’s the boob window plus all the other stuff.

    Also, as I’ve mentioned before, as a girl with big boobs myself…I wear low cut stuff pretty frequently so I’m not objecting to the existence of low cut clothing, or to PG having big boobs…but I never fight crime in that low cut stuff. For fighting crime I’ve got outfits that fully cover all my bits. :)

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    Oh – and thanks for the link last week – very nice of you! :)

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    i guess i like the boob window BECAUSE it’s silly, and i think it goes really well with the rest of the silliness of Power Girl (even her name is totally silly in a fun way). i’m not all that familiar with PG over the years but from what i know i like when she’s played silly and over-the-top and coupled with her being superhuman and comic book physics, i like the boob window, but when they put her alongside “serious” characters or play her serious in serious situations, it just doesn’t work anymore. and yeah, i totally agree that alongside other characters it’s too much.

    which is also why i wish they’d do a standalone PG book where it’s her own universe, no crossovers or any ties to any of the other characters, it’s just silly superhero fun stuff with Batman or whoever coming in and making PG’s absurdity seem out of place.

    have you seen that PG fan video? where she’s trying to get a job or whatever? that’s how she should be.

    also agreed that if she wasn’t superhuman, if she was just a regular person in a more realistic way and fighting crime, i would be anti-boob-hole, too. 😉 like i’m pro-boob-window for PG but anti-daisy-dukes-belly-hole for Huntress. different context/presentation.

    i’m going to link this new post on my LJ, too! not sure how many people are even reading my blog anymore (seems like i get less and less comments as time goes on…) and you’re obviously already getting a ton of readers on your own, but i do what i can!

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    oh god i totally wrote a term paper there, plus dumping my other long-ass email on you!!! O_O’

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    Kelly: I was going to point this out on the other blog, but it’s not really about the actual post. You mentioned about not having thick skin yet, and I’m sure you were being a bit self-deprecating, but I wanted to tell you not to let it bother you. We have a fairly huge readership, and it’s always surprising when they commment in droves, especially when they have their own axes to grind and don’t actually care what you wrote. On the one hand, it’s kind of fun to inspire so many comments, but on the other hand, it’s a bit daunting. You’ve written some interesting stuff so far – don’t let the crazies bug you.

  7. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    Greg: I’m commenting back to you via email.

    ross: Term papers are always welcome. :)

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