Playing With Presents…

Adam got me an awesome Wacom Tablet for our anniversary this year so that I could try a little digital drawing, inking, etc., I tend to prefer traditional mediums (y’know paper, pencils, pens, etc.) but I really really hate scanning (especially with my scanner)…and drawing on a Wacom…well, it eliminates all scanning.  So, win!

Anyway, here’s my first pass at a little inking of an old sketch on the Wacom.  Good times.  Let’s hope I get better with practice.  You’ll note that I didn’t ink any of the truly hard stuff…hands, feet, y’know things with details that take a precise hand.  It’s how I roll.

Other favorite presents this year?  I got lots of great stuff including a Jeffrey Brown journal from Adam with Jeffrey Brown style kitties all over it:

Adam also got me some sweet new boots and from my parents a much needed replacement “fit and fast” blender for making fruit protein shakes as mine crashed and burned after about 20 uses this summer (hopefully this one is built to last0, a few great books (one I read yesterday – go me!) and a check that will hopefully be paying the bulk of my March rent if I’m still out of work.  That one is the least exciting, but sadly the most necessary.  It was a great haul of presents all around (hopefully I gave as well as I got).  Though, as the first year that I didn’t go home for Christmas, I have to say I would rather have seen everyone than have gotten anything at all.  Next year perhaps.


  1. ross’s avatar

    what kind of tablet is it?? i’ve been thinking about getting an Intuos but they’re pretty expensive. your drawing looks amazing for a first go!! you should have seen my first TWENTY drawings, i couldn’t do a damn thing with the tablet except scribbles.

  2. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    It’s a Wacom Bamboo – one of the cheaper options – but it works. Adam said this was my “starter tablet” and if I like using it we’ll upgrade, but so far, except the fact that the drawing area seems small (which hasn’t been a problem – yet) it seems to work beautifully to me.

    Thanks for the encouragement – you’ll notice I only drew the easy stuff…nice long lines with no details…like y’know toes. :)

    I’m sure your first twenty looked awesome…you just have a lot higher standards! :)

  3. ross’s avatar

    no, really! i’m impressed with how smooth your lines look, i can never get a long, uninterrupted, smooth line. all i can do really (even now!) is a bunch of tiny, sketchy strokes to make a single line.

    i’m thinking about getting a wacom bamboo, too… i don’t know if i need something fancy and i think the bamboo is similar to the graphire (the one i have) which they stopped making when the bamboo came along. i don’t knowwww.

  4. kfugrip’s avatar

    Ross – are you making the lines in illustrator? When I sketch in photoshop, I am unable to get a smooth line unless I do it too fast to control it. Illustrator, however, smooths out the lines (sometimes too much). You may know this, but if not I’m glad to help.

  5. kfugrip’s avatar

    ALSO Ross, I have a graphire and the bamboo is cool because the tablet itself feels more like paper and less like drawing on a piece of linoleum.

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