Sketch A Day 004

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What is it: Just a head and shoulders.  Maybe X-man Psylocke’s head and shoulders.

How long it took: 12 minutes start to finish

How many sketches I did today: 3

Total time spent sketching: 33 minutes

Materials used: My Wacom Bamboo tablet and Photoshop.

Other notes/details: I left the sketchy lines, but it was done freehand, no base drawing.

What I like about it: I actually really like this one except for the fact that the hair should be coming over more…right now it looks like she has no second eye and eyebrow.  FAIL.

What I dislike about it: Other than what I said above, I mostly like this one, but it’s of note that this was once a full body sketch, and I hated the rest of it and cut it off.  So you could say I hated everything except the head.  :)

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  1. kfugrip’s avatar

    It’s a butterbody sketch. 😉

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