30 Days of Superheroines – Day 07!

In honor of Bonnie and Lola and THE GIRL WHO WOULD BE KING we continue our 30 Days of Superheroines!

I felt in the mood to do some smart tough ladies that influenced me even before I found comics – and also, in homage to my first nephew (who I meet on Tuesday!) – Luke – I give you PRINCESS LEIA:

By Jessica Hickman

She almost has a “Buffy” look to her that I kind of adore. Via DeviantArt

By Jessica Hickman

There nothing I don’t love about this! Via DeviantArt

By Megan Murphy

Adorable. Via DeviantArt

By Dave Crosland

AH-MAZING. Via Dave Crosland/Hired Meat

By Goblin Queen

Super fun. Via DevianArt

By SF Toon

This is obviously really exaggerated but it’s damn fun. Via DeviantArt

By Mahmud Asrar

If you’ve got to go with “slave Leia” Asrar is a damn good choice! Via Mahmud Asrar

By Phil Noto

I mean…I don’t even have to say anything, right? Via Phil Noto Tumblr

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    Dude, you totally need to add a couple of these (especially the ‘Celebrate’ pic) and Adam Hughes’ Art Nouveau Leia. :)


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