So in honor of THE GIRL WHO WOULD BE KING and the two kickass superpowered teenage protagonists I’m going to do a superheroine a day for the entire run of my Kickstarter.

I’m not going to write a big thing for each post, but I’m going to post tons of gorgeous art – both professional and fan art – to celebrate these great characters. I’m going to do my damndest to link back and credit, but if I miss something, please forgive and correct if you’ve got the right information in the comments.

Today we’re naturally starting with BONNIE & LOLA and I hope you’ll all enjoy them mightily.

There’s of course not a lot of fan art out yet for Bonnie & Lola since everyone is just meeting them, but a couple really wonderful people have already given me some art for them to get the ball rolling.

We obviously have the gorgeous cover work and illustration by Stephanie Hans which you’ve all seen – and if you go here you can see a dialogue between she and I about the cover process as well as her early sketches:

And then Ross Campbell contributed these absolutely gorgeous Lola and Bonnie heads:

And Meredith McClaren did these brilliant Bonnie and Lola “itties”:

And THIS one by Stephanie Hans – an original painting of Bonnie – from a scene in the book – and available for purchase on Kickstarter!

This has been so much fun already that I could just die.

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