In honor of Bonnie and Lola and THE GIRL WHO WOULD BE KING we continue our 30 Days of Superheroines!

Our first DC Woman is up and she’s one of my absolute favorites. It’s no surprise I suppose that I found a TON of great stuff for her:


By Ming Doyle

Via Ming Doyle

By Phil Noto

Man! If anyone can make that silly bikin armor work, it’s Phil Noto! via Phil Noto

By Reilly Brown

Via Deviant Art

By Chris Samnee

Via Chris Samnee

By Michael Walsh

Via Spit Ballin’ Comics

By Gabriel Hardman

Via Deviant Art

By Kirby!

Via DC Wiki

By Wilfredo Torres

Via The Mainstage (Wilfredo Torres)

By Misterhardtimes

The extremes of this are super fun to me – via Deviant Art

More Ming Doyle!

Via Ming Doyle

By Steve Rude

Rude does one of the best Barda’s around – hands down! Via Fannybaws

By Steve Rude

Via Fumetti DC Comics

via Sadie Blodgett

And even more Ming!

Via Ming Doyle

By Stephanie Buscema

Adorable Buscema Barda! Via Steph Buscema Tumblr

By Mike Hawthorn

Via Mike Hawthorn

By Jon Bosco

Via Bosco Art

By Bruce Timm

And the infamous Bruce Timm Barda! Via DC Wiki


  1. Josh’s avatar

    Whenever I think of Big Barda, it’s always from the Giffen-DeMatteis JLA, when she’s teaching Fire to control her powers.

    “I’m gonna get my Mega-Rod, really blast the @$#&% out of her!”

    Hee. So Barda.

  2. John’s avatar

    *sigh* she’s dreamy.

  3. Hevel Löwen’s avatar

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