The Girl Who Would Be King Art – MOAR LOLA PLEASE

I think all of us that dabble in comics know how awesome the idea of “fan art” and “reinterpreting characters” is, so with that in mind I commissioned the fantastic Meredith McClaren to do portraits of Bonnie and Lola for me.  These are of course going to look different than Stephanie’s interpretations – and Ross’s – but that’s part of what I love about them.  You saw a Bonnie by Meredith a couple days ago, but here is her Lola, which I LOVE.  And I think it’s an awesome contrast to Stephanie’s “Lola and bike” – both beautiful, both different, both so much of what I love about Lola (and this book).

So huge thanks to Meredith! Oh, and when the store opens on to sell all the extra swag from the Kickstarter, there will be both oversized promotional cards and bookmarks to buy of this version of Lola.  BE EXCITED!  😉

Last thing! Some of you are putting up amazing reviews on both Amazon and Goodreads.  Thank you SO MUCH.  And for those of you that have finished reading and not yet reviewed…what’s stopping you!? And if you haven’t even bought it yet…then REALLY what’s stopping you? Get it now! :)

Thanks everyone for the support – you’re all awesome.

Lola LeFever by Meredith McClaren



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    omg! so good!!!

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