Bonnie vs Lola Sketch – UPDATED


Oh man…I had to update this! So I did this sketch again (and did a much better job – practice, yo!) – but most importantly Adam inked it for me – he’s SUCH A GOOD INKER. If this doesn’t show the power of a great inker I don’t know what does!

He also made some small drawing changes that super helped too. AMAZING. I’m in love with how it looks now and am going to pretend *I* did all by my lonesome! 😉

Pencils by Kelly Thompson, inks by Adam Greene

Felt the urge for some sketching this week. Did a fun one of Bonnie and Lola that I wanted to share with you all.

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Crappy pencils AND inks by Kelly Thompson


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    There can never be enough Bonnie and Lola art.

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